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Comments from W. H.

Can I make a few suggestions?

  1. You really should distinguish between the brown dashes. Your maps is meant for cyclists so think like a cyclist. Now the RAVeL, the tracks at Sart-Tilman, Boverie and Montagne de Bueren all look the same. I think we can agree that a cyclist would like to see the difference. For a cyclist the difference between a motorway and a trunk is irrelevant. On the other hand you really should use a different style for cycleways and steps.
  2. The other suggestions are less important and something to consider when you have the time:
    1. Reproject to Lambert or some other local coordinate system. WGS84 looks so flattened at our latitudes.
    2. Your copyright notice is escaping from its box.
    3. Adding a legend will make the map more "stand-alone".