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OSM investigation...

I am an undergraduate student and have become very interested in the topic of volunteered geographic information and the accuracy of crowd-sourced data. I am currently planning a project on determining the accuracy and reliability of open street map data and attributes in relation to Ordnance Survey map data (in the Nottingham area).Another objective is to discover whether OSM could be useful for change detection. If anybody has a spare 5 minutes I would be very grateful if they could answer the following:

How long have you been using OSM?

Approximately how often do you use and edit OSM?

What are your incentives for editing in OSM?

What is your preferred method of attaining data to upload (e.g. GPS points, digitizing, uploading photographs)? Do you feel there is much disparity in the reliability of OSM data?

If so, do you think this could be the result of the socio-economic dynamics of an area or the method of attaining data etc?

Thank you for any help you can provide, it would be very much appreciated :)

Laura :)