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In the city map of 61462 Königstein/Taunus in Germany is a mistake:

The Hölderlinstraße begins (westward) only at the intersection Wiesenstraße/Thüringer Straße. The part of "Hölderlinstraße" east of Thüringer Straße really is Wiesenstraße (which describes a curve from East - West to about North - South.

Since I am a new member (by the way: living in Wiesenstraße 8) I do not yet know how to correct this mistake myself.

The reason for this unusual curve: Wiesenstraße - beginning at the Schneidhainer Straße and leading down to the Thüringer Straße - used to be the west end of Königstein until about 1990; and the Wiesenstraße was (and is bent); later the new part of Königstein including Hölderlinstraße was built, but the Wiesenstraße remained curved is it was.

Maybe the Wiesenstraße might be corrected.

v. Foerster