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I just started a wiki about Taipei and Taiwan called and was looking around for some open-content map data when I came across this great project! I'd really like to promote your efforts here, as accurate maps would add a great deal of usefulness for Taipeipedia's users. Would like to help out however I can. Also figured you might have some interest in Taipeipedia and would welcome your input there.

- Lasbas 11:18, 15 October 2009 (UTC)

p.s. - No offense, about naming it Taipeipedia! :P I just liked the alliteration, honest! (That and every other name was taken by squatters...)

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This article is an incomplete translation: it contains omissions, uncorrected mistakes, or some parts that are not translated yet.
If you understand the original in English, please help completing this English translation. Read the instructions about how to translate this wiki.
No one seems to be working on it for now, you can take this task.

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