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Temporary stporage to avoid edit conflict ...

For the overpass-turbo query wizard :

  • bicycle_parking=stands and capacity!~"^.$" | bicyle stands with a registered capacity of 10 or higher
  • bbicycle_parking is not null and bicycle_parking!=wall_loops and capacity is not null | bicyle stands with a registered capacity but not wall_loops nor unregistered
  • bicycle_parking=stands and capacity is not null | bicyle stands with a registered capacity
  • Village or town or "Camp Site" or farm or hamlet or "guest house" or Cafe or restaurant or "fast food" or shop or amenity=water

Example query for overpass turbo To find ways tagged highway=footway, not marked with bicycle=<some value>

Some loose thoughts on cycle / bicycle routing for Reykjavík / Capital Area / Iceland and wider

  1. Imported LUKR data for paths represent ground thruth so faithfully that connections over streets are just indications of that there might be a crossing, The lines representing the paths are not continuous over streets. It is as if the tyres of big trucks have squashed the portion that shoul connect a pavement / sidewalk or path on one side of the road to the equivalent on the other side of the road. So what should be done ?
    1. Add the pieces that "were squashed" by hand.
    2. Remove the LUKR stubs and drdraw a propper line crossin the whole way from one paths, across the street and connecting formly with the path on the other side
    3. Try to persuade LUKR and others to draw real networks for pedestrians and "timid" cyclists
    4. Try to convince those that write routing algorithms and tune the routing, that it is better to assume that pedetrains can cross streets at junctions, rather than always assume no, unless it is explicitly drawn.
    5. In the case of sidewalks / pavement, instead of drawing them, just tag them onto the road ( More details on that later, hopefully. But here is a hint highway=footway as opposed to higway=road, footway=yes )

But on the path along Sæbraut close to Laugarnesa and Olis lukr shows coonnected paths ...

Bicycle shops

Search in Openstreetmap search field :"Bicycle shop in Iceland". Finds shop=bicycle But some places where services can be had are not bicycle shops as such. They should probably be tagged service:bicycle:retail, service:bicycle:repair etc search with overpass -turbo wizard : service:bicycle:repair=yes or service:bicycle:retail=yes

OSM coverage, using Strava heat map and Mapbox satellite imagery

Ran across this : which says the data can be used as a source for OSM editing. It is not clear which period the collection was carried out. As of today it says : "What's this: This dataset includes 77,688,848 rides and 19,660,163 runs representing about 220 billion total data points"

It was intriguing to see some trips had been registered in at least four locations in Greenland. In at least one of them there seems to be an opportunity to add some sort of a path or road that is passable for bicycles. Interesting also to see that already the hamlet of place Kangerlussuaq / Søndre Strømfjord is much better mapped in OSM than in Google Maps or Bing maps: MortenLange (talk) 19:45, 24 July 2014 (UTC)