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Rationale for including all Norfolk Pine Trees within Wollongong, NSW, AU

TL;DR they are protected and iconic.

If you are visiting this page you may have been linked from a natural=tree on the map. I try to include this message where there are multiple trees in a very close area. A mapper might wrongly assume the nodes are insignificant or accidental duplicates.


Norfolk Pine Trees / Norfolk Island Pine / Araucaria heterophylla (see: ) are a protected species in the region that occasionally suffer from malicious damage including poisoning. Killing these trees is an offense attracting ~100 penalty units or ~$1.1 million and councils routinely offer rewards for information that leads to a conviction.

By including this vulnerable and protected species in OpenStreetMap I hope it will assist with keeping these trees alive and well.

Norfolk Pine Trees are an icon in this region and are considered significant. Finally OSM is a database the renderer can decide to include this data or not. --Superduck (talk) 01:27, 15 April 2013 (UTC)