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Re: Paris Progress

Hi. No, I'm not refreshing any more the wiki page about Paris since someone replaced the templates. But I'm explaining what I'm doing in my diary :

The cadastre plugin is working normally on Paris. I'm the author of this plugin, so contact me if you meet any problems (

I've noticed that you are the person who destroyed one multipolygon on the 'Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées':

Any chance to restore it ? --Pieren 11:38, 24 April 2011 (BST)

Hey, let's continue this conversation here, if you don't mind.
Ok, but I will not be warned about new comments, so push a mail or whatever if you need some followers.
Just follow this page and you should get updates just fine - or have you disabled this option?
I don't know what's going on with that multipolygon - it matches the rest of the 'fountain/grass' polygons around the rest of the rond-point, and it renders correctly at all zoom levels except - strangely - the maximum zoom level. I think this is more a OSM rendering-machine error than anything else, but I'll have a look at it again later today.
perhaps, we just need to retrigger mapnik rendering (/dirty)
One thing concerning Paris' building multipolygons: most of them are tagged incorrectly in one of, sometimes both of, two ways: a) the 'building=yes" key is on the 'role=outer' way, making it difficult for user-end software to pull up all the polygons (ways) in a building's multipolygon relation (the keys should be on the relation), and b) there are a few buildings that are embedded into a 'land mass' multipolygon, and this also is incorrect (and makes for strange/inconsistant rendering, again, for end-users, save they program their renderer to take into account this sort of practice, but it shouldn't be necessary). The 'land mass/building' multipolygon problem has to be corrected by hand, but the building multipolygon tag misplacement can be corrected by a script - that I can make, if you like.
It's like this on all buildings in France (hundreds thousands)(generated by scripts and integrated manually). So before you run a script, you should convince the french community about this massive change. The discussion about tags on ways or relations is religious. Both methods have pros and cons. Software should support both.
Damn - all of france already? Of course I won't be doing anything before letting the rest of you know - besides, I'm also involved in a discussion about "the Future of Areas", and it would be pointless to make any changes to existing data if a new method will be implemented. For now, all I'm going to do is fix any buildings embedded into 'land use' multipolygons.
As for the cadastre plugin, it's still not working for me - I keep on getting a blank white square with no data on it. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers. ThePromenader 07:19, 25 April 2011 (BST)
First, use the JOSM projection "Lambert CC9 zones" and zone 8 for Paris. Then set in menu "change location", type "paris 01" for 1st arrondissement or "paris 07" for 7th arrondissement, etc. Also go to the preferences (F12) and use the special plugin settings if you want more details from the cadastre (e.g. set the vector images grab multiplier to a fixed size of 100m bbox)--Pieren 10:11, 25 April 2011 (BST)
Okay, I'll tweak it a bit later this afternoon - thanks for the tips! ThePromenader 11:10, 25 April 2011 (BST)
I followed your instructions above, but I'm still getting nothing but white squares. I'm on OS X (mac) - perhaps the plugin needs some (missing) dependancies? ThePromenader 11:17, 25 April 2011 (BST)
Working now! Just had to increase memory - thanks! ThePromenader 11:48, 25 April 2011 (BST)