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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Timmy_Tesseract
Tagging: taxi_type=motorcar;motorcycle;auto_rickshaw;cycle_rickshaw
Applies to: nodes node, areas area
Definition: A tag to specify which type of vehicle is offering a taxi service


Use taxi_type=* to specify which type of vehicle is offering a taxi service.


Currently amenity=taxi is used for a taxicab stand, a place where motorcar taxi cabs wait for passengers. However, in many countries in Southeast Asia and elsewhere, motorcycles are much more common than automobile taxi cabs. In these places, motorcycle drivers wait at stands, often with a small shelter, and they can be hired to take one or more passengers to various destinations. A fare is paid for a one-way trip, usually after negotiation. The passenger usually rides behind the driver on the same seat. In some countries two passengers can be carried on one motorcycle "taxi", though this may not be legally permitted.

A number of mapped features already include a name or description suggesting that they could use a tag such as this:

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This table is auto-generated. See Template:Taglist for a documentation on it.

There are also 252 features with amenity=taxi + motorcycle=yes, mostly with motorcar=no as of April 2019: - This tagging was recommended on the Phillipines tagging guidelines page previously.

Why not use amenity=taxi?

While some have proposed using amenity=taxi plus the additional tags motorcar=no + motorcycle=yes for motorcycle taxi stands, this has several disadvanages:

  1. implies that a taxicab and a hired motorcyle "ojek" are the same feature.
  2. requires using 3 tags instead of one.
  3. If only amenity=taxi is tagged, it would now become ambiguous: is this actually a taxicab stand, or might it be a motorcycle taxi stand which is missing a tag?
  4. confusing for travelers who generally expect a "taxicab" to be 4-wheeled motorcar capable of carrying at least 4 passengers and their luggage. This is quite different than a motorcycle which can only carry one passenger with a small amount of baggage.
  5. Motorcyles have different abilities: In contrast to a family or group which needs a 4 to 6 seat taxicab, single travelers may strongly prefer to hire motorcycles when available, due to their lower cost and ability to fit through smaller spaces in congested cities and rural areas with narrow roads and paths. Motorcar taxicabs with 4 wheels in 2 tracks cannot access highway=path features and narrow roads, but motorcycles may be permitted and feasible due to their narrow width and single track.
  6. Many database users currently interpret amenity=taxi as a motorcar taxicab via use of a standard "taxi" icon such as - this would be broken by such a change.

So a different tag is proposed to avoid confusion and more precisely tag these features.

Similar features

In the future, an additional tags for pedaled tricycle cabs (pedicabs aka bicycle rickshaws) should be proposed.

Some have suggested a tag for horse-drawn carriages, but these might better be under the key tourism=*, since they are rarely used as a practical method of transportation.

Auto Rickshaws (Tuk-Tuks), hired motor vehicles 3 wheels and a covered seating area with separate benches, should not be tagged with amenity=motorcycle_taxi. (It is not yet clear if Autorickshaws should be tagged with amenity=taxi since they are 2-track, covered motor vehicles, or if an additional feature tag is recommended)



Add the tag amenity=motorcycle_taxi to a node located at the place where motorcycle operators queue to wait for passengers. You can also draw an area if there is an enclosed shelter for example.

Optionally add:

  • name=* - if the motorcycle taxi stand has a name
  • opening_hours=* - if the hours and days of operation are known.
  • operator=* - for queues or stands that are operated by a single company

Also consider mapping a amenity=shelter area separately or adding building=roof if there is a roof over the motorcycle taxi stand.

Applies to

  • Nodes - preferred
  • Areas


  • Could use an icon showing a stylized motorcycle with a passenger on the back, or a motorcycle helmet?

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