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Re: Trademark

Hi. First, have you read at the bottom? That message is "official", the template {{OpenStreetMap trademark}} is not very different.

About the criteria to add {{OpenStreetMap trademark}} is:

  • An image that includes OpenStreetMap logotype, or any similar/derivative registered by OpenStreetMap Foundation (they are registered, follow the links in Trademark)
  • An image that includes the trademark "OpenStreetMap", "OpenStreetMap Foundation" or "State of the Map", idem

I didn't found anything about what is permitted, so officially the Foundation don't permits anything.

About "Seriously I think that there are better ways to improve OSM that disturbing other peoples work". In the first part you are right, there are better ways to improve OSM (a lot of them). But in that perspective I could say "We don't have to ask people uploading files to OpenStreetMap wiki about the licenses of their files, let them upload freely without disturbing them about licenses, right? Can't be this way. Or why we can't upload to OpenStreetMap data from Google maps?... this doesn't needs explanation.

About disturbing people... really? I'm not threatening anyone. I'm not accusing anyone, I'm not deleting/proposing to delete any file, so... how am I disturbing anyone?

By the way, Wikimedia Commons supported by Wikimedia Foundation (owner of trademarks like Wikipedia) uses something similar And they use another template we should use in some cases: in photographs of people we should have Even if an image of someone is in PublicDomain/CC0, is better to be informed we can't use the image of that person in any way (If it's in public domain I can do what I want right? no!). Beyond licenses, there are trademarks, personality rights (and model releases) and moral rights. Most people don't care about them but they should. Is better to be informed.

May be one day OpenStreetMap Foundation can have something like:

and then we know what we can do and what we can't. Zermes (talk) 22:42, 28 September 2016 (UTC)