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Author: Digital Mobile Map
License: Proprietary (5$)
Platforms: Android and Java ME
Version: 8.2 (2013-07-21)
Language: English
Programming language: Java

OSM and Garmin offline map with routing turn-by-turn navigation for Android and J2ME mobile phones

VGPS is an offline turn-by-turn navigation app for Android and J2ME mobile devices. It is developed by Digital Mobile Map with map data from Garmin and OpenStreetMap.

VGPS Website


  • Offline map
  • Store and load map data from memory card
  • Vector Map data from Custom Garmin map and OpenStreetMap (Official Garmin map in NT format is not supported)
  • ZoomIn/ZoomOut/Pan, Pinch to zoom
  • Long press to open context menu
  • Search street by name and/or intersection with other streets
  • Search point by name,type,distance or type+name, type+distance
  • Search GPS location by latitude and longitude in decimal format
  • Partial name search
  • Can touch any object on map (point, street, building, park, river...) to view its name
  • Text to Speech point/street names
  • GPS real-time tracking with built-in compass
  • Routing point to point
  • Rotate map
  • Voice guidance
  • Supports all android phones and tablets screen sizes and densities (android version 1.5 to android version 3.2+).

Features under development

  • Porting VGPS from android to iphone platform

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