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Verderio, Lecco, Italy
latitude: 45.66757, longitude: 9.43901
Browse map of Verderio 45°40′03.25″ N, 9°26′20.44″ E
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Verderio is a village in Lecco, Italy at latitude 45°40′03.25″ North, longitude 9°26′20.44″ East.



  • Update the house numbers in way Via Caduti della Libertà (iD, JOSM, Potlatch2, history, XML)
  • Add lit, speedlimit and surface tag to the highways.
  • Add trees and other natural elements.
  • Add barriers.
  • Add opening hours to the mapped activities and amenity
  • Improve Landcover, landuse and natural area definition.

what is already done

  • 99% of the house numbers is already updated.
  • All the roads have a name and the oneway direction
  • All commercial, retail industrial and amenity activities have a name, an address and, if existing, other informations (contact:*, operator, website, ref:vatin...)
  • Landcover, landuse and natural area are already mapped.