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The Victoria Line relation 102782 runs south-west to north-east across Central London, with a spur to the north to the above ground Northumberland Depot way 166978969.

Status on OpenStreetMap

The first designs were published in 1948 by the British Transport Commission, 70 years brings these wholesale out-of-copyright in 2018. Being a newer line it has a much larger number of ventilation shafts. The Victoria Line has been mapped primarily from angular surveys at stations, and joining up via the mid-tunnel vents. It will still be some metres off, the position of shafts related to the tunnels can not be easily surveyed—will probably require ground-penetrating radar from street level.


Known points of intersection (incomplete)

  • Northbound bore under eastern corner of All Souls' Church, New Broadcasting House, junction of Langham Street/Hallam Street at +9.5m ODM[1][2]
  • Southbound bore just missed eastern side of New Broadcasting House, halfway between junctions of Langham Street/Hallam Streets; Langham Street/Great Portland Street, just north of Junction of Gildea Street/Great Portland Street[1][2]
  • Cross-passage east-west between Hallam Street and Langham Street[2]
  • Long cross-passage under the BBC, perpendicular to the bores, roughly inline with Little Titchfield Street.[2]