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Walikale, Nord-Kivu, Congo-Kinshasa, Africa

latitude: -1.428, longitude: 28.078
Browse map of Walikale 1°25′40.80″ S, 28°04′40.80″ E
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Walikale is a city in Nord-Kivu, Congo-Kinshasa, Africa at latitude 1°25′40.80″ South, longitude 28°04′40.80″ East.

Main features

Streets, landuse and buildings have been initially traced in February 2012 thanks to aerial imagery provided by the ICRC.

Street names and POIs

Local ICRC teams have used Walking Papers to report missing information, such as street names or POIs. The help of the OSM community is asked to include this into OSM. It will be a lot easier for French-speaking people. On each Walking Paper, you will find a set of hand-written numbers. Please refer to the References section to find the number and get the meaning.




WP number Completed (yes/no) Problems
1 yes
2 yes changeset n°11076850
3 yes
4 yes
5 yes
6 yes
7 yes
8 yes
9 yes
10 yes
11 yes
  • Rivière Kwya not visible on sat imagery - not added
  • 3 places on item 5 : exact location ?
12 yes
13 yes No item
14 yes
15 yes
16 yes