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We-travel screenshot.jpg
License: Proprietary (free of charge)
Platform: Java ME
Status: Broken
Version: 0.9.12 (2010-02-09)
Language: English
Website: Main We-Travel.biz site
Programming language: Java

Highly modular and customizable navi

We-Travel is/was a map application for Java-enabled mobile phones under development.

It provides vector based rendering of OSM, as well as raster data which is stored in the phone and useable without any internet connection. It provides 2D and 3D views and offers turn by turn voice navigation.

There are navigation modes for car, bike, foot and hybrid and the program is developed as a platform, on which several location based services can be added. There is a net service which We-Travel uses, where GPS tracks can be logged.

Next to standard navigation features, We-Travel also boosts a whole range of features, such as recording and following of tracks, downloadable POI content from wikipedia, wikitravel, ... etc.

Check out the status page for the latest updates and hotest news : http://we-travel.biz

Please note the new home address of we-travel : http://we-travel.biz

The latest version is 9.12.


According to the Legal Notice[1] We-Travel is free for personal use - commercial use, redistribution and reverse engineering are not permitted.

How to get We-Travel

Web site with the download page itself can be found under

alternatively, you could have a look on the offline mirror :

map download: