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Allotments Project

We are collaborating, on Andrew MacKenzie's persuasive abilities, with a team at Leicester University called Allotment Data. Their website is here First task is ensuring that West Midlands data is as complete as we can get it. This will allow an interactive tool to be built using an OSM-based map accessing other data such as waiting times


Currently we are working our way through the web site information from the local authorities in the West Midlands to get basic information entered such as name, number of plots, facilities and anything else the authority lists ( they're not all consistent with each other). List of urls:


Birmingham,Solihull,Wolverhampton,Walsall, Dudley and Sandwell are complete but the following issues require resolution

Authority Allotment Total Plots Comments RESOLVED
Sandwell Scott Road Great Barr 10 couldn't find this
Sandwell Meadow Road Oldbury 3 couldn't find this
Solihull Holly Lane Balsall Common ? New site opened 2009needs survey Brianboru 14:57, 7 December 2011 (UTC)
Solihull Warwick Road Chadwick End ? New site: OSM location guessed from bing needs survey Brianboru 14:57, 7 December 2011 (UTC)
Birmingham Shenley Notes from a local, @DaveHarte = "those private allotments are on the ward open spaces plan. Found two called Fox Hill, Woodlands - on ward plan the plots here: http://ht.ly/7ZDst are called 'Woodlands Private Allotments'. On openstreetmap: 'Hay Green'" |
Birmingham Witton Where is the private allotment site, connected (legally if not physically) to the Barn Social Club in Brookvale Road, Witton (map). What we have as Oldford Farm Allotments lie adjacent, but I don't think that's the same thing, unless the site is divided?

The site you have indicated on OSM as 'Oldford' are the private allotments owned by Witton and District Allotments ltd. They own all that site as I understand it (they aren't called 'Oldford' or anything at all on the Ward Open Space plan). I understand that Oldford allotments are the ones identified as 'Holford' on Open Street Map
Dudley Highfield Road couldn't find this
Walsall Delves Green Road which is which Delves Green Road 1 and 2?
Walsall Wimperis Way correct name? locally mapped as something different
Wolverhampton Boots Land owner?
Wolverhampton Dunstall Park correct name? locally mapped as something different
Coventry Ansty Road might be part of Shakespeare Street private allotments?
Coventry Woodway Lane/Narberth Way couldn't find this
Coventry all city council sites leased to Coventry & District Allotments & Garden Council - not all tagged with this yet
Coventry Hen lane private site - needs survey to confirm
Coventry Stoke House 41 couldn't find this