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HotCat is a gadget in this wiki. A gadget is a piece of JavaScript or CSS code which extends the underlying MediaWiki software. HotCat assists users in modifying categories of a page. To enable HotCat, please navigate to your preferences for Gadgets.

This page is a brief introduction, for a more detailed guide, please refer to Wikimedia Commons' help page.


Interface in Wikimedia Commons (similar to OSM wiki interface)

HotCat adds buttons to the category section of a page as shown in the screenshot. Clicking on a button between a category name and the following vertical line will do the following:

remove this category
replace the category with another one
replace this category with a subcategory
replace this category with its super-category

Additionally, there are the following buttons to the sides of the category list.

(++) on the left side
changing multiple categories at once i.e. without saving in between (it adds a Save button to commit the changes)
(+) on the right side
add a category to the page

These buttons will appear even if the page is not assigned to any category.

HotCat suggestions 2.png

When adding or replacing a category, HotCat will display a list of suggestions based on the input. The feature assists in finding the correct category, in case you do not know the exact name. The input box Combined search provides multiple methods for retrieving the suggestions. The sign between the input box and the OK indicates if a category name exists (tick) or not (cross).

Further reading

Wikimedia Commons' help page
an in-depth documentation of HotCat
the source code, imported from Commons with minor modifications