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Accommodation, tourism offices and museums in Flanders and Brussels

Toerisme Vlaanderen wants to share information with us about accommodation facilities like hotels, hostels, campings, tourism offices and museums.

This is an attempt to establish conversion rules from their format to the tagging used by



XML Toerisme Vlaanderen Tag used on
product id ref:ToerismeVlaanderen
deleted="false"; shouldBePublished="true" ignore whole record, where deleted=true or shouldBePublished=False
<commercialName>Hotel</commercialName> tourism=hotel
<name> name
<numberOfStars> stars
<number> addr:housenumber
<street> addr:street or name of associatedStreet relation
<postalCode> addr:postcode of associatedStreet relation
<subCity> addr:city of associatedStreet relation
<mainCity> fusiegemeente, I think we prefer to keep the most specific one (deelgemeente)
<province> addr:province of associatedStreet relation? Probably not needed
<region>Meetjesland ?
<country>BE addr:country of associatedStreet relation
Not used for privacy reasons




<email> contact:email
<fax> contact:fax
<telephone> contact:phone
<website> website
not included in XML-file, I usually look it up on Google website:vlaanderen-vakantieland or website:toerisme_vlaanderen =
<directBookingLink> website:direct_booking
<linkToAccessibilityWebsite> website:accessibility
<description> descriptions in various languages can be consulted on the web site of Toerisme Vlaanderen or Vlaanderen Vakantieland. It would become a maintenance nightmare to keep these synchronised and the descriptions are longer than the 255 character limit allowed for values of our tags.
<closingPeriod> Do we want to include this? Not opening_hours
     <price type="SingleRoomPerPerson">
     <price type="DoubleRoomPerPerson">
price:single_room_per_person=€88-110; price:double_room_per_person=€55-65
<images> images not processed, referrring to one image is technically possible, but it seems better to simply refer to the website of Toerisme Vlaanderen
     <value type="AmericanExpress">true</value>
     <value type="EuroMastercard">true</value>
     <value type="Visa">true</value>
     <value type="Bancontact">true</value>
     <value type="DinersClub">false</value>


<companyIdentification> VAT number not added
<balcony> not relevant for OSM
<television> not relevant for OSM
<petsAllowed> not relevant for OSM
<barCafeCafetaria> no idea what to do with this one
<restaurant> no idea what to do with this one
<snacks> no idea what to do with this one
<extraBabybedPossible> not relevant for OSM
<care> not relevant for OSM
<garden> draw the garden as an area/a polygon, if possible, otherwise ignore
<bikesAvailable> rental:bicycle ? or ignore?
<internetConnection>true</internetConnection> internet_access:wired:guests; internet_access:wireless:guests Values can be free, but also Telenet Hotspot or another company which provides wireless internet on a camping.
<jacuzzi> whirlpool?
<tennisCourt> draw tennis court from Bing, but how do we link it? What if the tennis court is available nearby, but is not run by the hotel itself? (most cases with Belgian hotels)
<swimming available="false"> same question as for tennisCourt
<otherSports> add them to a list or simply ignore?
<playGround> not relevant for OSM (although we can draw it on the map if it's outside in open air)
<parking> draw parking and link with a site or a multipolygon relation.
            This works for an external parking lot, what about an underground one under the hotel
            What about a hotel which has an arrangement with a commercial (public) parking lot?
<discountChildren> not relevant for OSM
<greenKeyLabeled> relevant for OSM?
<cyclingLabel> relevant for OSM? for the cycle map maybe? Should ask Andy Allan, I guess
<vault> rooms:vault_in_room=yes
<totalNumberOfRooms> rooms=
<numberOfRoomsWithBathShowerAndToilet> rooms:bath_shower_toilet=
<maximumNumberOfPersonsInLargestRoom> rooms:maxoccupancy?
<maximumNumberOfPersonsInAllRooms> building:maxoccupancy?
<noSmoking> building:smoking_allowed= no building=yes or house or castle
<elevatorAvailable> elevator=yes
<airconditioning> building:airconditioning = yes

Test cases

way 109571527 3 star hotel in Leuven

way 139842631 4 star hotel in Brussels

way 100006561 Spa with swimming pools on site

way 140075066 Hotel in same building as restaurant with tennis courts nearby on camping site

way 29454648 Hotel near airport with its own tennis fields, so it seems

way 58114273 4 star hotel in Antwerp with its own underground parking lot