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Originally, the Belgian Mapper of the Month was an interview with a OpenStreetMap contributor living in Belgium. During the interview, we try to get to know when the mapper started, where they map, which tools they use and what they map. Furthermore, we try to find out whether they use OpenStreetMap themselves. After a year, we decided to expand our horizons and also interview mappers from all over the world.

The idea was raised by Ben Abelshausen in October 2014. The goal is to make the Belgian website more attractive and to get to know one another.

The first interview appeared in November 2014. The interviews are published on the Belgian OpenStreetMap website in English. Whenever possible, we also publish a Dutch and French translation. Interviews in other languages (typically in the mother tongue of the mapper) appear as a diary entry of escada.

The Team


Please use OpenStreetMap's message system to contact escada or foxandpotatoes.

The Interviews


2014 Interviews
Nov Ben Laenen Eimai nl fr en
Dec Guy Vanvuchelen GuyVV nl fr en


2015 Interviews
Jan Guy Roman Roman Guy nl fr en
Feb Brecht Bonne peeweeke nl fr en
Mar Pierre Parmentier foxandpotatoes nl fr en
Apr Ruben & Josefien M!dgard nl fr en
May Brice Maron eMerzh nl fr en
June Joost Schouppe Joost Schouppe nl fr en
July Marc Gemis escada nl fr en
Aug Matthieu Gaillet Pagaille nl fr en
Sep Vincent Vaneycken QuercE nl fr en
Oct Olivier Roussel Dagou nl fr en
Dec Polyglot nl en


2016 Interviews
Jan Stefan ponci4520 nl en
Apr Stijn Rombauts StijnRR nl en
Jun Julien Fastré nl fr en
Aug Jorieke Vyncke Jorieke V nl en
Oct Sus Verhoeven susvhv nl fr en

Mapper in the Spotlight

After the first year, the team thought that it might be a good idea to expand the idea across the border. This might be more interesting for other communities. This series is called Mapper in the Spotlight.

2015 Interviews
Oct Clifford Snow Glassman USA en
Nov Dave Corley DaCor Ireland en
Nov Dave Swarthout AlaskaDave USA/Thailand en
Dec Lutz Lange Germany en de
2016 Interviews
Jan Fredy Rivera Humano Colombia en es
Feb Dmitry dkiselev Russia en
Mar Nick Hendrikklaas The Netherlands en nl
May Pete Masters pedrito1414  Scotland en
July Jinal Foflia jinalfoflia India en
Sep Andy SomeoneElse United Kingdom en
Nov Sarah Hoffmann lonvia Germany en de
Dec Philippe Verdy France en fr

Mapper of the Month

From 2017 on, all interviews will be titled under Mapper of the Month and made available on


2017 Mappers of the Month
Jan Steve All stevea California, USA en
Mar Lauri Kytömaa alv Finland en
Apr Ben Abelshausen Belgium en nl
May Marek Kleciak marek kleciak Poland/Germany en
Jun Julien Minet juminet Belgium enfr
Jul Jamie Nadeau LogicalViolinist Canada enfrnl
Aug Gaurav Thapa Gaurav Thapa Nepal en
Sep Jonathan Beliën jbelien Belgium enfrnl
Oct Seppe Santens L'imaginaire Belgium ennl
Nov Horea Meleg & Florin Badita Telenav Romania en
Dec Geochicas Latin America en es


2018 Mappers of the Month
Jan Pieter Vander Vennet Pieter Vander Vennet Belgium en nl
Feb Anisa Kuci Albania en
Mar Nathalie Sidibe Mali enfr
Apr Andrew Harvey Australia en
May Yasunari Yamashita Japan enjp
May Tomoya Muramoto Japan enjp
Jun Matšeliso Thobei tshedy Lesotho en
Jul Lionel Giard Anakil Belgium en fr nl
Aug Allan Mustard apm-wa USA/Turkmenistan en
Sep David Morais Ferreira dmlu Luxembourg en
Oct Aylin Kızılaslan Turkey entr
Nov Can Ünen unen Turkey entr
Dec Wille Marcel Brasil en


2019 Mappers of the Month
Jan Guirec Halflants Correcaminos604 Belgium en fr
Feb Volker Schmidt voschix Europe en


2020 Mappers of the Month
Sep Jacques Fondaire jfonda Belgium en fr nl
Oct Thierry Hancart ThierryHancart Belgium en fr nl
Nov Diseret Diseret Belgium en fr nl
Dec Vucod Vucod Belgium en fr nl


2021 Mappers of the Month
Jan Joris Bovens Jorisbo Belgium en fr nl
Feb Luka Hennen lhennen Belgium en fr nl
Mar Gustavo Soares PlayzinhoAgro Brazil en fr nl
Apr Claude Leduc Alouette955 Canada en fr nl
May Besfort Guri BesfortGuri Kosovo en fr nl
Jun Li Racky racky Ivory Coast en fr nl
Jul Pieter s8evq Belgium en fr nl
Aug Misrahi Muqbil Misrahi Thailand en fr nl
Sep Constantine Tumwine Constantine Tumwine Tanzania en fr nl
Oct Donat Robaux gendy54 France en fr nl
Nov Karel Dasrakel Belgium en fr nl
Dec Daniel d1sr4n Russia en fr nl


2022 Mappers of the Month
Jan Koos Krijnders Koos Krijnders The Netherlands en fr nl
Feb Mustafa Kamil Mustafa Kamil Sudan en fr nl
Mar Søren Johannessen Søren Johannessen Denmark en fr nl
Apr [nil]
May Gpoilvet Gpoilvet Belgium en fr nl
Jun Nicxon Piaso Nicxon Piaso Papua New Guinea en fr nl
Jul Ivan Lievens Ivan Lievens Belgium en fr nl
Aug [nil]
Sep [nil]
Oct Jonathan Czalaj John7021 Belgium en fr nl
Nov Patricia Solis Patricia Solis USA en fr nl
Dec Sharko Le Sharkoïste Belgium en fr nl


2023 Mappers of the Month
Jan David Luswata lusdavo Uganda en fr nl
Feb Erik Eebie Belgium en fr nl
Mar LivingWithDragons LivingWithDragons United Kingdom en fr nl
Apr [nil]
May Jean-Louis Stanus Jean-Louis Stanus Belgium en fr nl
Jun Ilya Zverev Ilya Zverev Russia en fr nl
Jul Michel Hebert chimel38 France en fr nl
Aug Joost Schouppe joost schouppe Belgium en fr nl
Sep [nil]
Oct Lorenzo Stucchi Lorenzo Stucchi Italy en fr nl
Nov Bob dentonny Belgium en fr nl