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Contacts Status list

Name Last status Last status date last status infos Next Step? OSM Member ML / Other infos
Service Carto Région Wallone Waiting Pictogram voting wait.svg 25/09/2012 Waiting that the PICC is ready to distribute (we may have ortho / address sooner) Recontact in Dec 2012 Julien Fastré, Benoit C., Brice Maron the specific page
CIRB (Brussels UrbIS) Done! Pictogram voting keep.svg 02/10/2012 Waiting For ETALAB licence to be signed by minister Recontact in mid Oct if nothing move. Brice Maron [1]
STIB/MIVB DENY Pictogram voting delete.svg 25/08/2009 Problem of quality and need for new infrastructure at MIVB/STIB Brice Maron *On personnal Email only*

Possible Contacts

  • STIB
  • TEC
  • DELIJN ?
  • VL regio?
  • IGN /NGI ?
  • Technum (tmc)