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Provinces in Burkina Faso


  • The names of capitals of provinces that are also capitals of regions (above) are displayed with bold characters.
  • Some provinces or their capital cities have several orthographies, the Capital city column shows the one currently used by, the other ones is in the Alternate name(s) column (and have been used by in older reports; they may still be used).
  • The existing boundary relations are now all defined the node with the admin_center role for the place of the capital city (chef-lieu in French), but with their borders defined with limited resolution (within 1 km). These borders need further adjustments by checking all the villages they should include. This requires first subdiviing them in their departments and listing all their missing villages. Then some borders can be more acurately defined by locating the rivers or some other physical features that traditionally separate them. However most villages can be correctly found now in the correct province and trhis already helps disambiguating them as there are lots of homonyms. For further disambiguation we will still need to define the border of their departments.
ISO 3166-2 INSD code Name (fr) Relation (admin_level=5) Capital city In region Alternate name(s) Completion
BF-BAL 31 Balé relation 2828093 node Boromo BF-01   OK
BF-BAN 32 Banwa relation 2828094 node Solenzo BF-01   OK
BF-KOS 13 Kossi relation 2828096 node Nouna BF-01   OK
BF-MOU 15 Mouhoun relation 2828097 node Dédougou BF-01   OK
BF-NAY 40 Nayala relation 2828098 node Toma BF-01   OK
BF-SOR 27 Sourou relation 2828099 node Tougan BF-01   OK
BF-COM 06 Comoé relation 2828137 node Banfora BF-02   OK
BF-LER 38 Léraba relation 2828138 node Sindou BF-02   OK
BF-KAD 11 Kadiogo relation 2828095 node Ouagadougou BF-03   OK
BF-BLG 04 Boulgou relation 2828160 node Tenkodogo BF-04   OK
BF-KOP 36 Koulpélogo relation 2828161 node Ouargaye BF-04   OK
BF-KOT 14 Kouritenga relation 2828162 node Koupéla BF-04   OK
BF-BAM 01 Bam relation 2828631 node Kongoussi BF-05   OK
BF-NAM 17 Namentenga relation 2828632 node Boulsa BF-05   OK
BF-SMT 23 Sanmatenga relation 2828633 node Kaya BF-05   OK
BF-BLK 05 Boulkiemdé relation 2828693 node Koudougou BF-06   OK
BF-SNG 22 Sanguié relation 2828694 node Réo BF-06   OK
BF-SIS 25 Sissili relation 2828695 node Léo BF-06   OK
BF-ZIR 44 Ziro relation 2828696 node Sapouy BF-06   OK
BF-BAZ 02 Bazèga relation 2868361 node Kombissiri BF-07   OK
BF-NAO 16 Nahouri relation 2868362 node  BF-07   OK
BF-ZOU 30 Zoundwéogo relation 2868363 node Manga BF-07   OK
BF-GNA 08 Gnagna relation 2914764 node Bogandé BF-08   OK
BF-GOU 09 Gourma relation 2914765 node Fada N’Gourma BF-08   OK
BF-KMD 34 Komondjari relation 2914766 node Gayéri BF-08 Komandjoari OK
BF-KMP 35 Kompienga relation 2914767 node Pama BF-08   OK
BF-TAP 28 Tapoa relation 2914768 node Diapaga BF-08   OK
BF-HOU 10 Houet relation 2914808 node Bobo-Dioulasso BF-09   OK
BF-KEN 12 Kénédougou relation 2914809 node Orodara BF-09   OK
BF-TUI 42 Tuy relation 2914810 node Houndé BF-09 Tui OK
BF-LOR 39 Loroum relation 2915653 node Titao BF-10   OK
BF-PAS 20 Passoré relation 2915654 node Yako BF-10   OK
BF-YAT 29 Yatenga relation 2915655 node Ouahigouya BF-10   OK
BF-ZON 45 Zondoma relation 2915656 node Gourcy BF-10 Zandoma OK
BF-GAN 07 Ganzourgou relation 2916023 node Zorgho BF-11   OK
BF-KOW 37 Kourwéogo relation 2916024 node Boussé BF-11   OK
BF-OUB 18 Oubritenga relation 2916025 node Ziniaré BF-11   OK
BF-OUD 19 Oudalan relation 2916144 node Gorom-Gorom BF-12   OK
BF-SEN 24 Séno relation 2916146 node Dori BF-12   OK
BF-SOM 26 Soum relation 2916145 node Djibo BF-12   OK
BF-YAG 43 Yagha relation 2916147 node Sebba BF-12 Sébba ; Seba OK
BF-BGR 03 Bougouriba relation 2916226 node Diébougou BF-13   OK
BF-IOB 33 Ioba relation 2916227 node Dano BF-13   OK
BF-NOU 41 Noumbiel relation 2916228 node Batié BF-13   OK
BF-PON 21 Poni relation 2916229 node Gaoua BF-13   OK

Requête Overpass Turbo pour toutes les données actuelles des provinces et afficher une carte