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  • Project under development and created by Carlos Sánchez
  • It's NOT an OFFICIAL OSM game it's only an OSM inspired game

The game

  • Name | "EDIFY the map": arEa, noDe, relatIon, Fun, waY
  • The goal of the game is to be the first player with 8 buildings in play.


  • 1 town hall and 8 buildings for each player (36).
  • 2 dices (D8).
  • 42 tag cards with special powers (12 different cards).
  • 48 tiles with 2 faces (landuse=residential and landuse=forest).
  • 80 area tokens.
  • 18 ways for each player (72) with 2 faces (highway=residential and highway=motorway).
  • 1 booklet
  • 28 OpenStreetMap promotional coins.


  • The player throw the dices to get the turn order.
  • Every player take 9 tiles and place them with the landuse=residential face up on the table. The tiles must be placed next to each other in the form you decide. Some tag cards let you add more tiles to the current game.
  • The players place their town halls 3 tiles distance from each other. This tiles with the town halls will not be change in the game. You must locate the town halls strategically.


  • You cannot build in a landuse=forest tile.
  • The tile where you are going to build must be connected by ways to your town hall.
  • The buildings cost 5 area tokens. You can hide your area tokens to protect your strategy.
  1. The player throw the dices to obtain the node points
  2. You can spend your points buying ways (3 node points), area tokens (5 node ponts), tag card (7 node points) and the right to flip a tile in play now (9 node points)
  3. You can use your ways, area tokens to build and tag cards at this moment or save it to another.


September 2015

  • While preparing the #SotMCAT2015 the creator reborn the idea of create a boardgame inspired in OSM. The game was originally written in catalan.


October 2015

  • After some weeks preparing the idea, designing the images and cards the game started being build as an alpha prototype. The game was build using cheap materials and printed cardboard.
  • The game was presented at the end of the meeting, as a gift to the OSM community. After the meeting the idea was published online through Twitter. Some people started to ask where they can acquire the game.
  • The beta prototype starts trying to find a place or platform to be edited and published.
  • The Game Crafter platform was chosen because the easy use and the possibility to edit, publish and distribute through the same platform.


November 2015

  • In November 3th the first beta prototype was released and sent to the creator as a condition from TheGamCrafter to publish a game. The game images and files were changed and improved, then the game was published. The price was set at $30.99 which means that without the costs ($30.18), there's a $0.81 benefit (split in 30% for TheGameCrafter, $0.24 and 70% for the creator, $0.57.


  • After the game was published, the info was notified to the OSM community by Twitter. The idea started to receive a lot of good opinions from several Twitter users. Then, some tweets alerted the creator about the OSM trademarks policy.
  • When the creator realised the problem using the OSM trademark, the game was unpublished until the problem is solved. The creator contacted OSMF asking for advice to correct the project problems following the instructions he red in a tweet.
  • Simon Poole provided some instructions and suggestions to the creator to solve the problems.
  • The gamma prototype started by redesigning the game and offering OSMF the possibility to add their Paypal account to the payout methods so they could receive the 70% of the benefits.
  • The game name was changed, into a different one: EDIFY the map
  • The game was redesigned and all the images an material created by the author were sent to OSMF (CWG and Legal) and Simon Poole

December 2015

  • The game was published again on December 17th in TGC