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This page is rough translation of most important part of the Cs:WikiProject Czech Republic/freemap. Feel free to correct and expand it.


According §3 Czech Copyright code Law No. 121/2000 (consolidated text in Czech, not consolidated text in English) that law (and its protection) do not apply to official works, such as a legal regulation, decision, public charter, publicly accessible register and the collection of its records, and also an official draft of an official work and other preparatory official documentation including the official translation of such work, Chamber of Deputies and Senate publications, a memorial chronicle of a municipality (municipal chronicle), a state symbol and symbol of a regional self-governing unit, and other such works where there is public interest in their exclusion from copyright protection.

Altough official work sounds promising, Czech OSM community does not not have any legal analysis targeted to wide range of public accesible geodata from Czech central and local governments (and its institutions). Thus we rely only on clear endorsement from these institutions allowing us to use its data. We have these endorsements also from few companies.

Free Sources

WMS UHUL - Orthophoto map

  • dataset: panchromatic aerial map
  • resolution: ~2m/px
  • coverage: whole Czech Republic, some areas near its border
  • taken: winter (1998/1999)/2000/2001
  • license: derivative work are possible
  • source: UHUL (The Forest Management Institute)
  • link:
  • use tag:

Example of preferences for JOSM with "WMSplugin" (optimal resolution ~80m): Ortofoto
Sample corresponding to these used in functionality test, part of village Obyčtov (JPEG 300x300px).

WMS UHUL - forest paths

  • dataset: selected forest paths
  • coverage: major part of forests in Czech Republic
  • source: UHUL (The Forest Management Institute)
  • license: derivative work are possible
  • link:
  • use tag:

Example of preferences for JOSM with "WMSplugin": Cesty odvozni

WMS ČÚZK - katastrální mapa


Example of preferences for JOSM with "WMSplugin" (optimal resolution 10-20m, 120m and more for "prehledky"):

  • white, non-transparent,prehledky,def_budovy&FORMAT=image/jpeg&TRANSPARENT=FALSE&
  • white, transparent (Alpha channel must be set),prehledky,def_budovy&FORMAT=image/png&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&

some LAYERS (combinations from seznamu):

  • kn: map of the plots, black on white/transparent background
  • kn-i: map of the plots, inverted - white on black/transparent background
  • prehledky: borders of regions or cadastral areas

Yahoo, NASA


  • dataset: georeferenced photos
  • coverage: major part of streets in Prague, Brno, Plzeň, Olomouc a Ostrava
  • source: NORC (Romanian company eXtreme Soft Group S.R.L)
  • link:
  • license: derivation of geodata from photos is possible (not from GogleMaps based map itself)