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The Greenways form a network of cycle routes across several eastern european countries, similar to the EuroVelo Network.

List of Greenways

Key Name Countries Distance Relation Map
AT Amber Trail from Budapest to Krakow Poland, Slovakia, Hungary 140 km relation 2721365 (part) [1]
GW P-W Greenway Praha-Vienna Czech Republic, Austria 480 km relation 108494 [2]
GW K-M-W Greenway Krakow-Moravia-Vienna Poland, Czech Republic, Austria 840 km relation 2110268 [3]
GB-EC Green Bicycle – East Carpathian Greenway Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine 900 km relation 1875125 [4]
ORT Oder River Trail Poland, Germany 700 km relation 2063586 (incomplete) [5]
Necklace Of The North Greenway Poland 870 km relation 174302 [6]
PWST White Stork Trail Poland km relation 2738710 [7]
GWTC Greenways Trail Connector Poland relation 2790507
Liechtenstein Heritage Greenway Czech Republic, Austria 185 km [8]
Moravia Wine Trails Southern Moravia, Czech Republic 1250 km [9]
Mineral Water Trail Romania ?? km [10]
Peace Trail - Via Pacis Pannoniae Serbia, Croatia ?? km [11]
GW RD Greenway Rosenberg Heritage Czech Republic 260 km relation 2424348
Crafts and Beliefs Greenway Czech Republic

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