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bugs for potlatch

if there are changes for potlach, they should be filed here: in the (component 'potlatch (flash editor)')

Here is an experimental git repo for potlatch :

Mouse lagging

move the mouse the update of the cursor takes a while, it is very uncomfortable to use.

update from strk from #gnash :

IIRC potlatch had a "pen cursor" option too, for one of your issues
(ie: to make it easier on mouse moving)
"use pen and hand pointers"

see  :

  One of the quickest ways to speed up your Potlatch editing is to turn off the ‘custom pointers’ – the little pen and hand pointers.

Password in cleartext

in the password dialog, the text of the password is displayed in cleartext when opened, on edit it is starred out.

no paste

cannot ctrl-V paste or use middle mouse xwindows on any dialogs

tabs not handled

typing tab inserts a tab char into the textfield, instead of going to the next.

Password text overflow

the text of the password dialog overflows the entry box

Text overwriting the icons

In the main window with the list of POIs, the text of them overwrites the other icons.

Help not usable

from strk@#gnash : the 'Help' button doesn't seem to work much with gnash at last, I can't read much in there

Non Bugs

Cannot delete a building

could not delete the selected building here via select and del key :

had to delete the points individually. Resolution : shift+backspace to delete ways.