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The Finnish Rail Administration and currently the only operator VR.

A railway overlay by Daeron shows a good overview of the current state.


It can be problematic to get a proper GPS fix inside a train. Try to sit/put your GPS by a window and try to get a fix before entering the train. Best of all would be to get some train personnel involved... :)


Route Progress Who Comments
Seinäjoki - Vaasa 100% User:Onion
Seinäjoki - Kokkola 100%
Oulu - Kokkola 100% User:Sparkly
Oulu - Kemi 100%
Kemi - Kolari 20% Kemi - Tornio only.
Kemi - Rovaniemi 95% Missing a short piece between Kemijoki and Rovaniemi
Rovaniemi - Kemijärvi 99% Mapped from landsat. Missing a small piece in Kemijärvi.
Turku - Toijala 100% User:Onion Turku - Aura and Humppila - Toijala from Landsat.
Riihimäki - Tampere 100% User:Boozeman, Mehu, Geosapiens, User:Onion, User:Ij Improved with full length gps traces (2 consistent traces, on different days).
Tampere - Seinäjoki 100% User:Onion,User:LH
Tampere - Pori 100% lhahne, Juhe, Lakedrive, GRinda, Galactic Mapped in Tampere based on surrounding roads. Nokia-Pori from Landsat. Should be checked with gps.
Turku - Helsinki 100% User:Onion and others Seems to be completely mapped from landsat. Railway and platforms at Kupittaa needs to be corrected.
Hyvinkää - Karjaa 100% Mapped from Yahoo satellite imagery
Karjaa - Hanko 100% Mapped from landsat.
Tampere - Jyväskylä 100% User:Ij Mapped fully from traces+imagery, much better quality than it used to be.


Most of these could be (and is) mapped from Yahoo! images.

Route Progress Who Comments
Helsinki - Lahti 100% Unknown Small part is visible in Lahti aerial imaginery.
Helsinki - Martinlaakso - Vantaankoski 100% Unknown
Helsinki - Karjaa 100% Unknown
Helsinki - Riihimäki 100% Unknown
Vuosaari harbour - Savio (freight tunnel) 80% User:Skela extrapolated, missing vertical shafts and service ramps south of Kuusijärvi


Route/Location Progress Who Comments
Helsinki - Pasila - Tikkurila - Kerava - Nikkilä - Porvoo 100% Liimes, Juhe
Kovjoen Museorautatie/Nykarleby Jernväg [1] 100% Narrow gauge

Rataverkon kuvaus

The Finnish Rail Administration publishes the biyearly Rataverkon kuvaus (Description of the rail network) which includes potentially useful information. The thing that comes to mind first is electrification; the publication contains a list of electrified rail lines. Maybe maximum speeds too. I contacted RHK about the usage of the information and senior officer Soile Tissari replied that it's OK as long as RHK is mentioned as the source of the information(see discussion page for e-mails).