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Guinea-Bissau, Africa

latitude: 12, longitude: -15
Browse map of Guinea-Bissau 12°00′00.00″ N, 15°00′00.00″ W
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Guinea-Bissau is a Country in Africa at latitude 12°00′00.00″ North, longitude 15°00′00.00″ West.

Data sources

  • Bing aerial imagery is available in many places of the country.


Street network in Bissau is very incomplete and full of mistakes. I classified a lot of streets new due to my personal experience and knowledge of the conditions of streets. I classified streets in Guinea-Bissau now as follows:

  • new paved streets in good conditions as secondary - due to the fact that even these streets are even in regional comparison (e.g. Senegal) worse than in the sourrounding countries. To call them trunks is not appropriate.
  • paved streets, but in poor condition or unpaved streets but in good condition as terciary
  • all other "streets" which are often not even acessible for a normal car during dry season - as minor streets - these streets are often not more than paths. There is often nearly no traffic going through.

Boarders seem to be not correct in all parts - there are some boarder towns which now lay in Guinea (e.g. Buruntuma)but have to be in Guinea-Bissau. Other streets cross the boarder (e.g. Quebo - Boé) but don't do so in reality.

Coastline - Guinea-Bissau faces a real problem - on most parts of the coastline there are dense mangrove woods - in the current status even all the area with mangrove woods is marked as "water"/"sea" - this seems not to be appropriate and should be moved in future.


Bissau (map) is the capital of the country. Most of the city has been mapped out in September 2011, based on Bing aerial imagery. This includes the streets, landuse and buildings.

Quality controls

Data download

Geofabrik extracts : Shapefiles and raw OSM data, updated daily, including roads, landuse, buildings and more.