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Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia

latitude: 41.3, longitude: 74.6
Browse map of Kyrgyzstan 41°18′00.00″ N, 74°36′00.00″ E
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Kyrgyzstan is a Country in Central Asia at latitude 41°18′00.00″ North, longitude 74°36′00.00″ East.

Students and teachers creating detailed maps of their villages as part of a project in 2016 in the Tien Shan mountains. read more on HOT blog

Things you can do

The main cities such as the capital Bishkek are partially mapped, as are main highways and parts of the mountainous rural areas, for example around Karakol.

There are missing roads that are visible in Bing around Osh and around Issyk Kul lake. Missing some roads around Jalal-Abad.

Some care has to be taken with names as some have changed and have different international spellings and transliterations.

It needs the national border imported.

Imagery and data sources

Aerial imagery

Aerial imagery has been requested to UNOSAT in July 2010 and is now available for the cities of Osh and Bazar-Korgon. Due to licence reasons, the WMS URL cannot be shared publicly. Please contact Frédéric Bonifas ( if you are interested.

All data traced from this imagery should be credited "source=UNOSAT, e-geos".

This imagery is quite old now, so no need to map temporary stuff like "SOS" written on the ground.


Non mapping data

For better understanding of the satellite pictures we can look at photos taken in the city. There are some on flickr for exampe. - For Osh :

Using OpenStreetMap data

Data extracts

Garmin map

Here is a map of Kyrgyzstan for Garmin GPS devices :

Mapping coordination

There is a huge need to map the cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad

It would be good to use QualityStreetMap to monitor the completeness.

Mapping priorities

  1. All the streets and roads
  2. Landuse and equipments such as bridges, towers, factories etc
  3. Buildings : it will allow an easy placement of POIs later, even without a GPS

Mapping of Osh

All tags highway=residential/unclassified/track/path waterway=canal bridge=yes railway=rail/level_crossing are complete in east of river Ak-Buura


Most roadsigns are in Kyrgyz language on the spot (transliterated into latin script). As Russian still remains widely used, it must still be maintained too. Hence, for toponyms (locality names, street names, province names, national parks, lakes, etc.), the 4 following name tags must always be filled as per rules below:

  • name=* tag must be filled with the Kyrgyz name (which means it must be identical to name:ky=*). The exception to this rule is commercial names. Shop, gas stations, etc. In such cases, the name=* tag must be identical as on the spot, whatever its language.
  • name:ky=* must be filled with the Kyrgyz name
  • name:ru=* must be filled with the Russian name
  • int_name=* must be filled with the Kyrgyz latin official transliteration (ex.: Ош becomes Oş and not Osh! You can however use "Osh" in the name:en tag, however)


The wikipedia=* tag must always be filled with the Kirghiz version of an article regarding the object you are working on. (wikipedia=ky:*).

Solely in case there is no Kyrgyz article, always fill with the Russian version wikipedia=ru:*

Data quality


Here is a list of cities from Wikipedia.

Name Kyrgyz name Latin Kyrgyz Oblast Population* Type
Balykchy Балыкчы Balıkçı Issyk Kul 41,342 city
Batken Баткен Batken Batken 10,987 city
Bishkek Бишкек Bişkek - 750,327 город view
Cholpon-Ata Чолпоната Çolponata Issyk Kul 8,851 city
Isfana Исфана İsfana Batken 16,850 city
Jalal-Abad Жалалабат Jalalabat Jalal-Abad 70,401 city view
Kant Кант Kant Chuy 22,075 city
Kara-Balta Карабалта Karabalta Chuy 47,159 city
Karakol Каракол Karakol Issyk Kul 64,322 city view
Karaköl Каракөл Karaköl Jalal-Abad 17,977 city
Kara-Suu Карасуу Karasuu Osh 19,143 city
Kerben Кербен Kerben Jalal-Abad n/a city view
Kochkor-Ata Кочкората Koçkorata Jalal-Abad 16,104 city
Kökjanggak Көкжаңгак Kökjaŋgak Jalal-Abad 10,727 city
Kyzyl-Kiya Кызылкыя Kızılkıya Batken 31,844 city
Mailuu-Suu Майлуусуу Mayluusuu Jalal-Abad 20,365 city
Naryn Нарын Narın Naryn 40,050 city view
Nookat Ноокат Nookat Osh n/a city
Osh Osh 208,520 city view
Shopokov Шопоков Şopokov Chuy 9,133 city view
Sulyukta Сүлүктү Sülüktü Batken 14,145 city
Talas Tалас Talas Talas 32,638 city view
Tash-Kumyr Ташкөмүр Taşkömür Jalal-Abad 23,331 city
Tokmok Tокмок Tokmok Chuy 59,409 city
Uzgen Өзгөн Özgön Osh 41,497 city view

1999 census results, as taken from the German wikipedia article Liste der Städte in Kirgisistan. Numbers in italics are 2008 estimates, taken from

Wikipedia also has a more complete list of towns and villages

Community Channels


Fergana Valley has its own wiki page. This is partly within Kyrgyzstan.