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The aims of this project is to deal with mapping issues related to anything dealing with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and related religious groups who have a tradition of following the teaching of Joseph Smith.

While a major effort will be to map local chapels, there are a variety of geographic features related to the LDS Church, including:

  • Chapels
  • Temples
  • Tabernacles (more than just the one in Salt Lake City)
  • Institutes of Religion
  • Seminaries
  • Church Schools, Colleges, and Universities (aka BYU)
  • Missionary Training Centers
  • Church owned summer camps (aka "Girls Camps" that are owned by the LDS Church)
  • Welfare Farms
  • Historic sites (Nauvoo, the Sacred Grove, Adam-Ondi-Ahman, etc.)
  • other sites like Temple Square and Welfare Square

Even getting a complete list of the kinds of buildings and areas is going to be difficult to make complete, although this is at least a place to start.


This is mainly to note who is participating on this project. Please sign below if you want to be contacted and wish to participate in this project. Membership in the LDS Church is not required, and we will be friendly to even those just curious about why a mapping project for a church is even being proposed. This is also not a Utah or western USA-only project either, and is in fact global in scope even though many project may have many locations noted in the mountain west states.

Participants include:

  • Vincent Broman, who has mapped temples in the USA, Canada, and Europe, and who will map church buildings in the San Diego, California area.


There are some mapping resources that can be used with this project. Please list resources below:


  • Tag:denomination=mormon - discussion of the use of the term "mormon" when used in conjunction with the denomination tag