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Rietavo municipality

This is short description of public document import process.


Data available at There is folders with shapefiles and ADF files.


  • QGIS for loading vector files and changing projection
  • GRASS for converting from shapefile to GPX
  • Merkaartor for conversion from GPX to GPX (some bug: cannot convert to osm format or load directly)
  • JOSM for loading GPX, converting into data, resolving conflicts, adding tags

Basic steps

  • Load, merge and reproject shapefiles
  • Load shapefiles with grass and export to GPX format
   v.generalize input=test output=test_generalized method=douglas_reduction threshold=0 reduction=50 -c
   v.out.ogr --verbose input=test_generalized@PERMANENT type=line dsn=test.gpx format=GPX
  • Load GPX with Merkaartor and export to GPX (without this conversion you will get only points without vectors)
  • Load GPX file with JOSM and convert into data layer
  • Add tags (very important is source=public_document), check validity and resolve conflicts
  • Upload


There is dedicated user for imports in Lithuania - importLT. If you need password for this user ask for User:ieskok. This import was small(~22000 features) and was done using JSON, changeset # 6333710 (Visualise).