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The following page lists Topology rules applied in Lithuania.

Topology rules have one of the following status showing the level of implementation:

  • Proposed - rule is proposed and is being discussed
  • Accepted - rule is accepted and initial manual fixing and rule implementation verification is being done
  • Tracked - initial fixing has been completed, automated checking of the rule is in force
# Type Name Description Status
1 Polygon-polygon No overlapping buildings building=* Tracked
2 Polygon-polygon No overlapping natural and zone polygons landuse in (forest, meadow, farmland, reservoir, residential, commercial, industrial, allotments) natural in (water, wetland) Tracked
3 Polygon-line


Each street in address must have a corresponding street addr:stret in point or polygon must have a line or polygon with the same value in name in range of 4000 meters Tracked
4 Point-polygon


Each address must be in a corresponding city boundaries addr:city in address must match name of surrounding admin_level=8 polygon Tracked
5 Polygon-polygon Wood must be inside a usage zone natural=wood must be fully covered by landuse in resiential, commercial, industrial, allotments, farmland, farmyard Tracked
99 Line-polygon Each river line must be covered by riverbank polygon waterway=river must be covered by polygon waterway=riverbank Proposed