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Marshall Islands, Oceania
latitude: 9.664, longitude: 166.484
Browse map of Marshall Islands 9°39′50.40″ N, 166°29′02.40″ E
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Marshall Islands is a country in Oceania at latitude 9°39′50.40″ North, longitude 166°29′02.40″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to the Marshall Islands. Feel free to list your Marshall Islands mapping priorities and progress.

OpenStreetMap for Marshall Islands needs your help. If you can trace roads, upload GPS tracks, name unnamed roads then please just in and get involved.

Top priorities

  • Coastline refinement
  • Relating the imported names for islets to the correct coastline on the map
  • Identifying settlements and then finding place names
  • Add roads and tracks
  • Name unnamed roads
  • Uploads GPS tracks, with public view enabled

Major cities/towns/villages/localities

Atolls and isolated islands

Islands are parts of two Pacific islands chains:

Name Chain Population Settlements Notes
Ailinginae Atoll Ralik 0 Uninhabited due to nuclear testing fallout.
Ailinglaplap Atoll Ralik 1959 Woja, at the westernmost end of the atoll, Jeh in the northeast, and Airok and Bouj in the south. Coconut plantations.
Ailuk Atoll Ratak 513
Arno Atoll Ratak 2069 Ine
Aur Atoll Ratak 438
Bikar Atoll Ratak 0
Bikini Atoll Ralik 5 Former nuclear test zone. UNESCO World Heritage Site
Bokak or Taongi Atoll Ratak 0
Ebon Atoll Ralik 714
Enewetak Atoll Ralik 850
Erikub Atoll Ratak 0
Jabat or Jabwot Island Ralik 110 Rocky island rather than a coral atoll
Jaluit Atoll Ralik 1,669 Jabor island, Jaluit island, Imiej
Jemo Ratak 0 None? Single island on coral atoll
Kwajalein Atoll Ralik 14,500 Kwajalein Island, Ebeye Island
Kili Island Ralik 600 Temporary home of evacuated Bikini islanders. Not Bing imagery.
Knox or Nadikdik Atoll Ratak 0 Washed away together with 58 inhabitants in 1905, growing back now.
Lae Atoll Ralik 319
Lib Island Ralik 115
Likiep Atoll Ratak 482
Majuro Atoll Ratak 30,000 Majuro, Laura, Uliga, Djarrit, Dalap
Maloelap Atoll Ratak 856
Mejit Ratak 300 Single stony not coral island
Mili Atoll Ratak 1032 Mili, Nallu, Enejet, Lukon(w) or, Tokewa, and Wau
Namorik or Namdrik Atoll Ralik 800
Namu Atoll Ralik 801 the islands of Namu, Majkin, Loen and Mae
Rongelap or Namorik Atoll Ralik 19
Rongerik Atoll Ralik 0
Taka or Toke Atolll Ratak 0
Ujae Atoll Ralik 448
Ujelang Atoll Ralik 0
Utirik Atoll Ratak 409 Contaminated by nuclear testing fallout
Wotho Atoll Ralik 160
Wotje Atoll Ratak 1000