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The Lothian cycle charity Spokes are planning to update their paper maps based partially on OSM data. They have asked for new developments in Midlothian to be updated before the end of October if possible. The main items requiring mapping are roads and road names, but other details are helpful.

This page is to collate a list of new developments and when they were last surveyed. A rough priority has been assigned to some, but feel free to update. Higher priority should be given to sites where there has been development but no survey for a while, i.e. there is significant difference on the ground to the map.

This table is likely still incomplete... please add any other developments you are aware of.

If you are going to go out and do a planned survey, please add a note to the comments column to try and avoid duplication.

Name Location OSM Link Status Priority Comments
Castle Gardens Lempochwell Road, Pencaitland Note Advised new development has started here, not visible on aerial imagery. needs survey M/H
Cala Homes E of Straiton Retail Park Note Roads and names added Aug 2019, still needs details adding

Additional new development to South needs mapping once development progressed

M/L Surveyed 25 Aug
Wallyford/A1 note] large areas of housing being developed here, needs survey H Surveyed as much as possible 5 Sep, GPS tracks and Mapillary pictures uploaded - Hobgoblin
former Edenhall Hospital Pinkie, Mussleburgh note needs survey M/H
Pinkie/Pinkie Braes link maybe more housing constructed to S of mapped sections? needs survey M Surveyed 5 Sep, GPS tracks and Mapillary pictures uploaded - [osmuser:Hobgoblin Hobgoblin]
Preston Square? W Prestonpans link 2 roads + names added May 2019, maybe needs resurvey? M
DWH @ Heritage Grange Kaimes Crossroads Note N end of development Surveyed Jun 2019, S end 7 Sept. Roads and names added. M S end surveyed 7 Sept, still lots of development ongoing throughout
Newton Church (N) E of Danderhall Note About 50% built in Aug 2019 and map complete - plenty more construction underway M
Wymet Millerhill Note Map correct as at Aug 2019, plenty more construction underway M
Housing Drum St/Gilmerton Station Rd Note Road (no names) added June 2019 M Surveyed 25 Aug - still to update map
Newcraighall village Newcraighall link mostly surveyed with names, ongoing development to E M
South of Newcraighall Link roads and names added Jun 2019, further development onging to S needs survey M
W of Ormiston link Most roads and names added July 2019 M/L
Harvieston Park Birkenside, SE of Gorebridge link Roads and names added Aug 2019. Some houses now visible on Bing not yet mapped. E part still under construction. M/L
Newton Church (S) E of Danderhall Note About 25% built in Aug 2019 and map complete - plenty more construction underway L
Highbrae at Lang Loan Lang Loan/Lasswade Road Link Development partially complete, roads, paths and names added as of 25 Aug, but could do with additional details M Surveyed 25 Aug
Housing NE Lasswade Road Link Development site added L No Development Aug 2019
Kinloch Green Gilmerton, Drum St / Candlemakers Park Link Approximate road layout for development added. no names as all under construction M/L Surveyed 25 Aug
Bilston School Bilston Note New building added, Needs survey of name L
Kilburn Wood W Roslin Note Development nearly complete, roads paths and names added as of 25 Aug, but could do with additional details L Surveyed 25 Aug
Greenlaw Mill NW Penicuik Link Needs survey
Carnethy Heights NW Penicuik Link Needs survey
Hawthornden Gorton Road, Rosewell Note Roads, paths, names, numbers added for most of development, ongoing development to SE will need resurvey later in the year L Surveyed 25 Aug
Development W Newtongrange Link Some roads added, from bing? Needs survey
Cowden Road Dalkeith Note Development complete, roads mapped and named. Most houses visible on Bing but not yet mapped. L
Dalhousie One E of Bonnyrigg Mapped development 7 Sept. Looks like there will be a significant area of new housing to N, but not yet started L Surveyed 7 Sept.
Blindwells N of Tranent link large area of new housing, but not on Midlothian map L
Salters Road Dalkeith link Complete & surveyed VL