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In 2006 the second large scale weekend mapping party was organised in the smallest English county of Rutland. This area could still do with a fair amount of mapping: towns have grown, we have aerial imagery and other map sources, the footpath network is still scanty, but most of all it would be fun to celebrate the first large mapping parties. Rutland is rather more convenient than the Isle of Wight.

This page therefore documents a proposed event to be held late Spring/early Summer 2016.

What to Map?

Rutland has two major towns. Oakham and Uppingham plus around 50 villages scattered around the county, all within a rural setting. For the full list see the main Rutland page. Oakham has a substantial new development of 1500 houses, which is not mapped in detail.

While everyone is free to map where and what they like there is a big benefit in co-ordinating the effort. You can use the map schematic on the left as a guide or download the out of copyright OS map. If you have transport it is suggested that you sign up for one or more of the villages and centre yourself on them for your mapping. If you are on foot or plan an easier cycle perhaps you may wish to stay to the towns or the area around rutland water. There are of course also footpaths and the river as well. If you know what you want to map please jot it down here.

Proposed Format


For early arrivals, mapping around the county

19:00 Meet-up, most likely in the new Marston's pub adjacent to the new housing estate in Oakham. Pub does Pizza & has wi-fi. Ideally we might do an hours mapping from the pub, before repairing there for refreshment.

Saturday: village day

Small groups focus on mapping a small number of villages, perhaps walking between them to map footpaths.

It might be possible to make contact with locals (e.g., parish councils, other local groups) in advance and involve them in some way. At the simplest this could just be an invitation to join mappers at a pub at lunch time.

Evening: meet-up at an different venue in Oakham.

Sunday: town day

As some people will want to leave early afternoon, it seems sensible to focus energies on the local towns: Oakham, Uppingham, and Stamford (OK not in Rutland, but close & not particularly well mapped).


Largely tba

There is a Premier Inn in Melton & a Travelodge near Uppingham. Several small hotels in Oakham, and many B&B distributed around. It's just possible the Premier Inn under-construction in Oakham will be ready mid 2016.

Camp sites etc. tba.

Finding out more