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South East England is an Administrative Region of England. Solent is a area within that region.

Solent, South East England, England

latitude: 50.84828, longitude: -1.22394
Browse map of Solent 50°50′53.81″ N, 1°13′26.18″ W
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Solent is a region in South East England, England at latitude 50°50′53.81″ North, longitude 1°13′26.18″ West.


The "Solent" area of Central Southern England isn't a county as such, but is arguably worth having its own WikiProject as it is one of the better mapped areas in the UK outside of the large cities. It basically equates to South Hampshire but also includes parts of surrounding counties such as West Sussex, Wiltshire and Dorset. The aim of this page will be to document progress in this area.