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Wandelwoche POI Import


Before the SOLIKON 2015 congress in Berlin, there is a series of events called the Wandelwoche, where "there will be guided bike tours and excursions to visit existing companies and initiatives of solidarity and alternative economy in Berlin and Brandenburg."

The organizers of the congress provided the list of initiatives participating in the Wandelwoche for importing into OpenStreetMap.

Import Plan Outline


Initiatives that feels itself part of an alternative movement in the area Brandenburg/Berlin will be imported. The goal is to increase the visibility of the alternative economy, e.g. to create nice maps, similar to the one in Graz.

This import is a "test balloon" for Project TransforMap. If this import is successful, a series of other imports will follow.


In August 2015, the raw data was provided. In the meantime, data preparations for the import are finished, and are awaiting to be approved from the OSM community. The import should be finished end of September 2015.

The import was presented at the Berlin/Brandenburg mailing list on September 16,2015

No objections were made, so the import was carried out on September 29, 2015.

Import Data


The list came as csv.

Data license:

The data provider has given permission to use the public data (name,addr,website,classifying tags) in OSM. All initiatives were asked to give their OK for publishing their contact data.

OSM Data Files

The file ready to import can be found here on github, awaiting comments!

Import Type

Initially, this is a one-time import. But the Berlin alternative economy community plans to keep the data up to date manually via JOSM or iD.

Data Preparation

The csv was geocoded with a script using Nominatim. Not all addresses were present in OSM, so the missing ones were geocoded by the organizers via a Umap. The csv's were unified, and opened in JOSM. Then, these steps were followed to merge the POIs with existing OSM data:

Data Merge Workflow

  • select object in source-layer
  • CTRL-C
  • change to destination layer
  • CTRL-V
  • move some cm (because geocoding mostly on existing point)
  • click on "continous download" or ALT-SHIFT-D to download existing osm data
  • when data is here, deactivate "continous download"
  • if no osm object is here, take new node
  • if an corresponding object is here, merge tags
    • check website if type of POI is unclear, add opening hours and other info found
  • go to source layer, purge POI

After all objects were merged, unchanged OSM data was purged from the file:

  • search
  • replace selection, search for "modified"
  • add to selection "child modified": all changed objects (with their child nodes) are selected now
  • Invert: replace selection "-selected"
  • Purge: CTRL-SHIFT-P

This resulted in 45 new POIs, and 32 updated OSM objects.

Tagging Plans - TransforMap

All Objects have the following fields completely filled out: name, addr:(country,street,housenumber,postcode,city), contact:phone, contact:email, contact:website. The objects's 'main tag' was chosen to existing OSM standards, e.g. shop=bakery, or club=* if it is a Verein. Sometimes no suitable main tag could be found, because no tag existed yet, e.g. a publishing cooperative. On those objects a main tag was left out.

Every initiative imported feels itself part of an alternative movement. We tag this with the identity=* key, according to the TransforMap Taxonomy proposal. This tag will be used to generate a nice map of the alternative economy in Brandenburg/Berlin, similar to the one in Graz.

Even the TransforMap Taxonomy proposal is still in draft stage, we want this import to be a "test balloon" for tagging. If the OSM community is unhappy with the tags, they may be stored on an external server - but a system to store external information to OSM objects is yet to be developed.

Changeset Tags

please suggest them!

Team Approach

Species has already merged the data and prepared the OSM file.

Others are welcome to send a pull request to the github repository, to suggest changes before the import.


Once no more objections are raised by the OSM community, the osm xml will be uploaded with JOSM. The user account tm_imports will be used for uploading, used by Species. The upload will probably be in one batch, with maybe single corrections later.

The changeset of the import was 34323129.

Quality Assurance

The POIs were contributed by people who know the initiatives personally, contact data is up to date (August 2015). Coordinates that were unclear were corrected manually by the contributors.