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Flood Supporting Imagery and Data Source

These data sources were collected to support HOT mapping of landslides affecting Uganda in 2010

Vector Data sets

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

  • [Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) (Africover)] - A project aimed at generating a database of GIS layers for the purpose of promoting sustainable management of environmental resources at national, regional and global levels. Uganda data includes administrative and political boundaries, towns, and spatially/thematically aggregated landcover. Permission from Africover must be obtained to import road, river, and administrative boundary data layers into OSM.
  • [EC-FAO GAUL Global Administrative Unit Layers (GAUL)] - A project to compile and disseminate reliable and standardized spatial information on administrative units for all the countries in the world implemented by FAO within the EC-FAO Food Security Programme funded by the European Commission. GAUL Uganda data span from admin level 1 to admin level 5 and were elaborated jointly by the Uganda Government and FAO; Guidance expected by Administrative boundary custodian from the UN.



  • [Geographic Information Support Team (GIST)] - An inter-agency data repository that promotes the use of geographic data standards and geographical information systems (GIS) in support of humanitarian relief operations. The data layers include settlements, infrastructure, crop productivity, parks and reserves, geology, hypsography, political and administrative boundaries, population, refugee camps, and elevation.

Relief Web

  • Relief Web - Relief Web focuses on time-sensitive and critical humanitarian situations. Contains data layers on the impact of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda.
  • Relief Web - Uganda Landslides/ Flooding page - The Relief Web page dedicated to North East Uganda Landslides/ Flooding.


  • DEPHA - Set of candidate thematic data layers; compatibility with OSM licence (CC-SA) to be checked out.


  • NGA GNS - A candidate data layer for settlements.



  • Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) - A diverse collection of spatial data layers, many of which relate directly to livestock and agriculture. Other layers generated include administrative boundaries, settlements, crop production, parks and reserves, poverty, waterpoints, and health. Licensing is restricted to non-commercial use only.


  • Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) - Among UBOS data holdings, a road dataset might be of relevance for the WikiProject Uganda; compatibility with OSM licence (CC-SA) to be checked out.


  • GADM - A candidate data layer for Uganda administrative boundaries together with the GAUL project; osm admin UGA import decision to informed by agreed upon guidance by national and United Nations administrative boundary custodian. Compatibility with OSM licence (CC-SA) to be checked out.

Uganda Clusters GEO-IM

  • Uganda Clusters GEO-IM his is a technical working group chaired by UBOS, NUDC/OPM and OCHA, and is the official distribution / data sharing mechanism for the government. Publicly available SHP files include roads, admin boundaries down to parish level, hospitals / schools / water points in Acholi and Karamoja, etc. License unknown.


Pre Landslides/ Floods Imagery

Post Landslides/ Floods Imagery

  • Natural-color image from the Advanced Land Imager on NASA’s Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite on March 11, 2010 shows the landslide area clearly. The image may downloaded from NASA's Large Landslide in Uganda page.
  • UNITAR/UNOSAT International Charter Space and Major Disasters (Space Charter) was triggered for landslides and floods in Uganda by UNITAR/UNOSAT in the role as Space Charter UN User Intermediary on behalf of UNDP Uganda. UNITAR/UNOSAT to update the humanitarian mapping community. see Charter WebPage for Uganda.

Other Data Sources


DevTrac seems to have collected a number of interesting data sets

There's some power lines data e.g. this way which appears to have been imported with the following tags

source=Uganda-AERDP Final Report Annex 1; February 2004

More info needed