Parcel lockers in the United Kingdom

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In the UK Parcel Lockers are stations where you can collect and drop off parcels.

They are usually accessible from the street and operate 24/7.

They are commonly found in retail parks, filling stations and in supermarket car parks, but this list is not exclusive.

They are generally free-standing units with a shelter awning for you to stand under whilst you key in your code and deliver/collect your parcel.

As of August 2014 there are three known operators: InPost, ByBox and Amazon. InPost and ByBox wholesale their service to multiple couriers whereas Amazon is exclusive.

Based on a very limited survey they all appear to be of one type so the "type" tag used in Germany is not (yet) appropriate

What to look out for

  • InPost larger parcel locker.JPG InPost
  • InPost parcel locker.JPG InPost
  • ByBox parcel locker.JPG ByBox


Developing the German scheme for DHL Packstationen for UK conditions the tagging scheme should be:

Scheme for Parcel Lockers
vending=parcel_pickup or vending=parcel_pickup;parcel_mail_in
operator=ByBox OR operator=InPost OR operator=Amazon OR others


  • InPost parcel lockers have cameras to check your identity. Other operators have not been examined in detail so manmade=surveillance is optional.
  • The operator reference does not seem to be on the physical unit, only listed on the operator website. Potential copyright issue?
  • myHermes states on its website that it uses ByBox, but there may be some parcel lockers in myHermes livery.