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Gritting & Grit Bins

You can see the current state of gritting routes added in the West Midlands on the mappa-mercia gritting map

Priority_3 is a good indicator that a road is tertiary so it's worth having a look at your area. Not all councils use the same priority basis.

  • Birmingham - All the 1364 roads on Birmingham City Council's gritting schedule have been added. Birmingham CC has added a link to our map from their website
  • Solihull - Solihull's gritting routes (all priority one) and now on the map.
  • Walsall - Walsall was completed during 2010
  • Wolverhampton - Wolverhampton was completed during 2010
  • Sandwell - We have the data (Oct 2011) from Sandwell and have begun the process of data entry



In some cases near admin boundaries a road may be gritted by more than on operator. In these cases tag both gritting_route_ref and gritting_operator with both values separated by a ";". Please ensure that the ordering across both tags is consistent. Examples:

  1. gritting_operator=Solihull MBC;Coventry_City_Council with gritting_route_ref=Solihull 1;B
  2. gritting_operator=Solihull MBC;Solihull MBC with gritting_route_ref=Solihull 1;Solihull 2

Grit bins

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