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 snowploughing trucks
snowploughing trucks
 warning sign for limited winter service
warning sign for limited winter service

Tag winter_service=yes/no/limited/...
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: malenki
Tagging: winter_service=yes/no/limited/...
Applies to: Way, Area
Definition: To define if there is snow removal, gritting or salting on highways during winter time.
Rendered as:  ?
Drafted on: 2012-05-11
RFC start: 2012-11-20
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


So far no tag exists to easily mark the road as not being serviced (removal of snow, salting/gritting) in winter times.
This tag is an enhancement to highway=* and can also be used on amenity=parking.

Definition of the tags:

  • winter_service=no: No winter servicing at all. Don't use this highway in wintertime except you have a matching vehicle (motor vehicle with high clearance, 4WD and studded tires, a snowmobile or similar).
  • winter_service=limited: Applies to some minor roads with less importance. In Germany there are usually matching traffic signs.
  • winter_service=yes: This is the implicit default. There is no need to map it. (This would be like mapping oneway=no or motorvehicle=yes on a highway=primary.)

Proposed Tagging

Applies to ways and areas (e.g. pedestrian areas or parking lots).

Required tagging

Secondary tagging

The tag snowplowing exists already and is well used:

If known one can also tag more detailed similar to Mappa_Mercia. Though be aware that mapping is about simplifying. The more tags you add the more you have to take care of and attend.

feel free to suggest more if needed

Hint: there is also Key:maintenance but it is ambiguous, was not proposed and is a try to document the tag usage as is in the DB.


use Talk:Proposed_features/Key:winter_service