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About Me

System-users-3.svgpangoSE (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.) Template:User Sweden

Go Do Some Mapping.png PangoSE uses a google nexus 5 and is willing to answer questions on it from OSM users.
Android icon PangoSE uses an Android phone or tablet.
OsmAnd icon PangoSE uses OsmAnd, mobile map viewing & navigation app.

Template:User Openstreetcam

Tux.svg PangoSE uses a Linux-based computer.
JOSM PangoSE submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
Vespucci PangoSE submits data to OpenStreetMap using Vespucci.
Level0 PangoSE submits data to OpenStreetMap using Level0.
Overpass-turbo.svg PangoSE uses Overpass turbo, an OSM database search tool and is willing to advise on it

Go Do Some Mapping PangoSE
prefers to go outside and map.
Bike PangoSE
is a bicyclist.

I map with a Samsung Galaxy S5 neo. Earlier I had no GPS relying on local knowledge thus leaving behind a lot of FIXMEs that I still have not cleaned up.

NOW MAPPING: Khartoum :D


User:PangoSE/Brev skrivna av mig för tillåtelse att inkludera data i OSM.


  • Uppdatera naturreservat och -parker.


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Märken att komma ihåg

Egna märken



Bicycle related


field papers MapOSMatic wiki



Other maps of HSAND

Not that useful