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Small Craft Facilities

The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts.

This page defines values for the "seamark:small_craft_facility:category" tags.

Type S100 seamark:type Definition
Small craft facility SMCFAC small_craft_facility A place at which a service generally of interest to small craft or pleasure boats is available.


Many of these categories relate to facilities that have public access. In such cases, the normal OSM tags should be used. Only those facilities whose access is restricted to small craft crews should carry the following tags.

Where more than one value applies at a given location, the tag value should be a semicolon-separated list.

Category (CATSCF) seamark:small_craft_facility:category Definition Rendering
Visitor's berth visitor_berth A berth set aside for the use of visiting vessels. VisitorBerth.png
Nautical club nautical_club A club for mariners generally associated with other small craft facilities. SailingClub.png
Boat hoist boat_hoist A hoist for lifting boats out of the water. BoatHoist.png
Sailmaker sailmaker A place where sails are made or may be taken for repair.
Boatyard boatyard A place on shore where boats may be built, stored and repaired. BoatYard.png
Public inn public_inn A public house providing food, drink and accommodation.
Restaurant restaurant A commercial establishment serving food.
Chandler chandler A dealer in ships' supplies. Chandler.png
Provisions provisions A place where food and other such supplies are available.
Doctor doctor A place where a doctor is available to provide medical attention.
Pharmacy pharmacy A place where medical drugs are dispensed.
Water tap water_tap A place where fresh water is available.
Fuel station fuel_station A place where fuel is available. FuelStation.png
Electricity electricity A place where a connection to an electrical supply is available.
Bottle gas bottle_gas A place where bottled gas is available.
showers showers A place where showers are available. Showers.png
Launderette launderette A place where there are facilities for washing clothes. Launderette.png
Public toilets toilets A place where toilets are available for public use. Toilet.png
Post box post_box A place where mail may be posted.
Public telephone telephone A place where a telephone is available for public use.
Refuse bin refuse_bin A place where refuse may be dumped.
Car park car_park A place where cars may be parked.
Parking for boats and trailers boat_trailers_park A place on shore where boats and/or trailers may be parked.
Caravan site caravan_site A place where caravans may be parked or where caravan accommodation is provided.
Camping site camping_site A place where visitors may pitch tents and camp.
Sewerage pump-out station pump-out A place where sewerage may be pumped off a vessel. PumpOut.png
Emergency telephone emergency_telephone A place where a telephone is available for emergency use only.
Landing/launching place for boats slipway A place where boats may be landed or launched. SlipwaySCF.png
Visitors mooring visitors_mooring A mooring set aside for the use of visiting vessels. VisitorMooring.png
Scrubbing berth scrubbing_berth A place where vessels may berth for the purpose of careening.
Picnic area picnic_area A place where people may go to eat a picnic.
Mechanics workshop mechanics_workshop A place where mechanical repairs can be undertaken to engines or other vessel equipment.
Guard and/or security service security_service A place where a vessel is patrolled by a security service or stored in a secure lockup.


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