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INT-1 Cross Reference
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INT-1 Cross Reference

This page illustrates the renderings of the map features detailed in the IHO document INT-1 together with the tags necessary to invoke those renderings. As these illustrations are of particular examples of each class of feature, few of the many possible combinations of key/value pairs are shown. Full documentation of objects and their attributes can be found here

The information presented below is derived from the IHO documents S-57 APPENDIX B.1 Annex D – INT1 to S-57/52, S-57 APPENDIX B.1 Annex A - Use of the Object Catalogue for ENC and the OpenECDIS document Encoding Guide for Inland ENCs. It provides a cross-reference between the symbols used in nautical charts, their OSM tags and the INT-1 reference numbers.

Superseding standard S-101 is presented in IHO Geospatial Information Registry.

Section A - Chart Number, Title, Marginal Notes

The different nautical charts will each adopt their own style

Section B - Positions, Direction, Distances, Compass(en)

Section C - Natural Features

C1 - C33 Natural features are rendered in the base layer. Standard OSM tags are used. See: Map_Features

Section D - Cultural Features

D1 - D29 Cultural features are rendered in the base layer. Standard OSM tags are used. See: Map_Features

Section E - Landmarks(en)

Section F - Ports(en)

Section H - Tides & currents

Section I - Depths

Section J - Nature of Seabed(en)

Section K - Rocks, Wrecks, Obstructions & Aquaculture

Section L - Offshore Installations

Section M - Tracks & Routes

Section N - Areas & Limits(en)

Section P - Lights(en)

Section Q - Buoys & Beacons(en)

Section R - Fog Signals(en)

Section S - Radar, Radio & Satellite Navigation Systems(en)

Section T - Services(en)

Section U - Small Craft (Leisure) Facilities(en)


OSM Seamark Resources

Seamark Tag Values(en)
Seamark Objects(en)
Seamark Attributes(en)
Categories of Objects(en)
INT-1 Cross Reference(en)
Inland waterway notice marks (CEVNI)(en)
Inland waterway lateral marks (CEVNI)(en)

External sources

S-101 ENC/iENC registry (, the ENC Data Classification and Encoding Guide (DCEG) can be downloaded as zipped PDF, online access to symbols in Portrayal Register
International nautical chart symbol legend (Chart INT-1, NOAA)
Encoding Guide for Inland ENCs (, 2018), an international standard of the Inland ENC Harmonization Group is currently in development (IEHG Publication S-401, 2019)
European Code for Inland Waterways (CEVNI), (UNECE, Fifth revised version 2015)
European Code for Signs and Signals on Inland Waterways (SIGNI), (UNECE Resolution N0. 90, 2018)
Additional individual INT-1 reference with symbols (OSM wiki user, 2010-2014), taging scheme is not updated