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INT 1 is a part of IHO standard S-4 (also including INT 2 and INT 3), mainly covering the symbols used in international navigational charts, whether paper charts or electronic. It is basically just a catalog of symbols matched with meanings and rendering descriptions.

In this document, only the numerical cataloged symbols are prioritized. INT 1 is divided into chapters given a capital letter (between A and U), with each symbols given a number. Leaps in numbers might mean grouping of symbols, or might indicate that symbols have been deleted. Subnumbered items are a form of grouping related symbols. Symbols with a lower case letter are not international agreed, most of these are national specifics, though some are nationally suggestions for rendering on international charts. For example, France have suggested symbol Df (not included in the list) for horizontal clearances under structures such as bridges. This symbol might be found on French produced international navigational charts, while English, German or Norwegian charts might use a different symbol, or choose not to render this information at all.

There are various other IHO standards, and also discussed on OSM have been S-57. This is a data exchange format, and raw ENC (Electronic Navigational Charts) data is often in this format, though the way it is stored on various ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) software stores it in different ways. IMO definitions of ECDIS is documented in IMO Resolution A.817(19). IMO:Electronic Charts

Some times an electronic nautical chart might use the term ARCS, this is a raster chart, in other words a scanned paper chart calibrated to give as accurate position feed back as the ENC charts does, though the lack of layered data makes searching and selecting detail level completely different.

Both ENC and ARCS uses INT-1 symbols as well, so knowledge of INT 1 is useful for all types of nautical charts.

Nautical charts are available in two systems, Metric Charts and Fathom Charts. Various issuing authorities have different ways of indentifying the different. British Admirality who prints and issues nautical charts in the United Kingdom uses a yellow colour on land for Metric and a gray colour for Fathom. Det Norske Sjøkartverket who prints and issues the same charts in Norway uses the same yellow colour on Metric maps, but a green colour on Fathom maps.

In general, symbols are the same wether the chart is Metric or Fathom, and share many other characteristics as well. Distances in the charts are always available in Nautical Miles, though a scale with metric or imperal units might also be present depending if the chart is Metric or Fathom.

Charts covering United States are mainly Fathom, while (atleast when issued by Admirality) the rest of the world mainly are Metric.

S-57 is basically the data model of which electronic chart information is stored, and can be loosely compared to our tags. A clear documentation of how our tags can be converted to S-57 and visa versa is necessary to convert OSM maps to already used ENC formats, but this have little to do with how the information is presented on the display.

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This English article is a translated version, but the content appears to be out of sync with the reference text (usually a French, German, or Russian version on this wiki). Please update this translation if possible.

Here: OSM Tags partially out of sync with current Seamark tagging schema


Symbol Description OSM Tags OSM Proposals
A: Chart Number, Title, Marginal Notes

INT-1-A-page 1.png

1: Chart number in National Chart Series

2: Chart number in international chart series (INT if any)

3: Cautionary note (if any) on WGS84 datum

4: Publication Note (imprint)

5: Copyright note

6: Edition note.

7: Small correction note

8: Dimensions of inner borders

9: Corner co-ordinates

10: Chart title

11: Explanatory notes on chart construction. To be read before using chart

12: Seals of issuer (national chart agency) and International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) to show that chart is an international one. Purely national charts mighthave only national seal. Reprints of charts from other national series must also hold seal of origin (third seal)

13: Scale of chart at stated latitude. The scale is precisely as stated only at the latitude quoted

14: Linear scale on large-scale charts

15: Linear border scale on large scale coastal charts. On smaller scales use latitude borders for sea miles.

16: Cautionary notes (if any). Information on particular features. to be read before using chart

17: Source Diagram (if any). The source diagram should be studied before using the chart in order to assess the reliability of the sources. Navigators should be cautious where surveys are inadequate.

18: Reference to a larger scale chart

19: References to an adjoining chart of similar scale

20: Instruction to refer to complimentary nautical publications

Note: a and b are references used only in some national series. In the example (french) a refers to the French Notices to Mariners weekly, and b to identificator of a latticed chart.

B: Positions, Distances, Directions, Compass
B1 Lat Latitude Rendering aid, not tagged
B2 Long Longitude Rendering aid, not tagged
B3 International Meridian (Greenwich) Rendering aid, not tagged
B4 ° Degree(s) Rendering aid, not tagged
B5 ´ Minute(s) of Arc Rendering aid, not tagged
B6 ´´ Second(s) of Arc Rendering aid, not tagged
B7 PA Position Approximate Quality Assurance
B8 PD Position Doubtful Quality Assurance
B9 N North Rendering aid, not tagged
B10 E East Rendering aid, not tagged
B11 S South Rendering aid, not tagged
B12 W West Rendering aid, not tagged
B13 NE North-East Rendering aid, not tagged
B14 SE South-East Rendering aid, not tagged
B15 SW South-West Rendering aid, not tagged
B16 NW North-West Rendering aid, not tagged
B20 INT-1-B-20.png Triangulation Point man_made=survey_point+type=triangulation
B21 INT-1-B-21.png Observation Spot, as used by surveyors for determining a precise position by means of astronomical observation man_made=survey_point+type=observation_spot
B22 INT-1-B-22.png Fixed Point man_made=survey_point+type=fixed_point
B23 INT-1-B-23.png Benchmark, a visible reference point where height is precisely known to a particular datum man_made=survey_point+type=benchmark
B24 Boundary Mark historic=boundary_stone
B25.1 INT-1-B-25.1.png Distance Mark, without visible mark river:waterway_distance=*

waterway=milestone + sign=no + kp=*

seamark:type=distance_mark + seamark:distance_mark:category=not_installed + seamark:distance_mark:distance=* + seamark:distance_mark:units=*
OpenSeaMap/Distance Marks

Proposed features/Milestones
B25.2 INT-1-B-25.2.png Distance Mark, with visible mark waterway=milestone + sign=yes + kp=*

seamark:type=distance_mark + seamark:distance_mark:category=board + seamark:distance_mark:distance=* + seamark:distance_mark:units=*
OpenSeaMap/Distance Marks

Proposed features/Milestones
B30 INT-1-B-30.a.png INT-1-B-30.b.png INT-1-B-30.c.png Symbols in Plan Rendering aid, not tagged
B31 INT-1-B-31.a.png INT-1-B-31.b.png INT-1-B-31.c.png Symbols in Profile Rendering aid, not tagged
B32 INT-1-B-32.a.png INT-1-B-32.b.png INT-1-B-32.c.png Point Symbol (Accurate Position) Rendering aid, not tagged
B33 INT-1-B-33.png Point Symbol (Aproximate Position) Rendering aid, not tagged
B40 km kilometer(s) Rendering aid, not tagged
B41 m meter(s) Rendering aid, not tagged
B42 dm decimeter(s) Rendering aid, not tagged
B43 cm centimeter(s) Rendering aid, not tagged
B44 mm milimeter(s) Rendering aid, not tagged
B45 n mile(s)
Nautical Miles Rendering aid, not tagged
B46 M Cable (length) Rendering aid, not tagged
B47 ft Foot/feet Rendering aid, not tagged
B48 fm., fms. Fathom(s) Rendering aid, not tagged
B49 h Hour Rendering aid, not tagged
B50 min Minute(s) of Time Rendering aid, not tagged
B51 s Seconds of Time Rendering aid, not tagged
B52 kn Knot(s) Rendering aid, not tagged
B53 t Ton(s) Rendering aid, not tagged
B54 cd Candela Rendering aid, not tagged
B60 Var Variation Rendering aid, not tagged
B61 Mag magnetic Rendering aid, not tagged
B62 Bearing Rendering aid, not tagged
B63 true Rendering aid, not tagged
B64 decrg decreasing Rendering aid, not tagged
B65 incrg increasing Rendering aid, not tagged
B66 Annual change Rendering aid, not tagged
B67 Deviation Rendering aid, not tagged
B68.1 INT-1-B-68.1.png Note of Magnetic Variation in position Rendering aid, not tagged
B68.2 INT-1-B-68.2.a.png INT-1-B-68.2.b.png Note of Magnetic Variation out of position Rendering aid, not tagged
B70 INT-1-B-70.png Compass Rose, normal and smaller pattern Rendering aid, not tagged
B71 INT-1-B-71.png Isogonals, with notes such as: MAGNETIC VARIATION LINES ARE OF 2000
The magnetic variation is shown in degrees, followed by the letter E or W, as appropriate, at certain positions on the lines. The annual change is expressed in minutes with the letter E or W and is given in brackets, immediately following the variation.
This must be stored in a different database somehow
B82.1 INT-1-B-82.1.png Local magnetic anomalies symbol in/near location
B82.2 INT-1-B-82.2.png Local magnetic anomalies text with reference to note
C: Natural Features
C1 INT-1-C-1.png Surveyed Coastline natural=coastline + coastline:survey_quality=complete
C2 INT-1-C-2.png Inadequately Surveyed Coastline natural=coastline + coastline:survey_quality=inadequate
C3 INT-1-C-3.a.png INT-1-C-3.b.png INT-1-C-3.c.png Steep Coast, Cliffs natural=cliff + natural=coastline
C4 INT-1-C-4.png Hillocks natural=coastline + SRTM details SRTM data from external database
C5 INT-1-C-5.png Flat Coast natural=coastline
C6 INT-1-C-6.a.png INT-1-C-6.b.png Sandy Coast natural=beach with surface=sand?
C7 INT-1-C-7.png Stony or Shingly shore natural=beach with surface=gravel or surface=pebbles
C8 INT-1-C-8.a.png INT-1-C-8.b.png Sandhills or Sand Dunes natural=dune
C10 INT-1-C-10.a.png INT-1-C-10.b.png NO-C-10.png Contour lines This is covered by SRTM data
C11 INT-1-C-11.png Spot heights This is covered by SRTM data
C12 INT-1-C-12.png Contour lines aproximate This is covered by SRTM data
C13 INT-1-C-13.png Form lines This is covered by SRTM data
C14 INT-1-C-14.png The height of top of trees
C20 INT-1-C-20.png River, Stream waterway=river or waterway=stream
C21 INT-1-C-21.png Intermittent rivers waterway=river + seasonal=yes or intermittent=yes or water=intermittent Proposed features/Intermittent river + Proposed_features/Water_cover
C22 INT-1-C-22.png Rapids and waterfalls waterway=waterfall, whitewater:rapid_grade=* Proposed features/Waterfall WikiProject Whitewater Maps
C23 INT-1-C-23.png Lakes natural=water
C24 INT-1-C-24.png Salt Pans natural=wetland + wetland=saltmarsh or landuse=salt_pond
C25 INT-1-C-25.a.png INT-1-C-25.b.png INT-1-C-25.c.png Glacier natural=glacier
C26 INT-1-C-26.a.png INT-1-C-26.b.png Lava flow natural=lava
C30 INT-1-C-30.png Woods in general (landuse=forest or natural=wood with/without wood=* or wood=mixed) or (natural=tree with denotation=landmark and type=* and species=*)
C31.1 INT-1-C-31.1.png Deciduous woods, broadleaf (usually seasonal) wood=deciduous Tree
C31.2 INT-1-C-31.2.png Evergreen woods, evergreen broadleef wood=evergreen Talk:Key:wood, Tree
C31.3 INT-1-C-31.3.png Conifer-woods, needle leaf wood=coniferous Tree
C31.4 INT-1-C-31.4.png Palm wood=palm Talk:Key:wood, Tree
C31.5 INT-1-C-31.5.png Nipa Palm wood=nipa_palm Talk:Key:wood
C31.6 INT-1-C-31.6.png Casuarina wood=casuarina Talk:Key:wood
C31.7 INT-1-C-31.7.png Filao wood=filao Talk:Key:wood
C31.8 INT-1-C-31.8.png Eucalypt wood=eucalypt Talk:Key:wood Tree
C32 INT-1-C-32.a.png INT-1-C-32.b.png Mangroves natural=wetland + wetland=mangrove Proposed features/Wetland areas
C33 INT-1-C-33.a.png INT-1-C-33.b.png Marsh, Swamp, Salt marsh natural=wetland + wetland=marsh Proposed features/Wetland areas
Flag of Brazil.svgCa BR-C-a.png Cliffy Coast natural=cliff + natural=coastline
Flag of Norway.svgCa

Flag of France.svgCk

INT-1-NO C-a.png Park, Garden leisure=garden
Flag of Brazil.svgCb

Flag of France.svgCm

BR-C-b.png Spring natural=spring
Flag of Brazil.svgCc

Flag of France.svgCd

BR-C-c.png Grassland landuse=grass or natural=grassland or natural=heath or landuse=meadow
Flag of Brazil.svgCd

Flag of France.svgCe

BR-C-d.png Paddy field landuse=farm + crop=rice
Flag of Brazil.svgCe

Flag of France.svgCh

BR-C-e.png Coniferous woodland natural=wood or landuse=forest + wood=coniferous
Flag of Brazil.svgCf

Flag of France.svgCf

BR-C-f.png Bushes natural=scrub
D: Cultural Features
D1 INT-1-D-1.a.png INT-1-D-1.b.png Places and Built up areas place=*
D2 INT-1-D-2.a.png INT-1-D-2.b.png Scattered buildings building=*
D3 INT-1-D-3.a.png INT-1-D-3.b.png INT-1-D-3.c.png Places on medium scale charts place=*
D4 INT-1-D-4.a.png INT-1-D-4.b.png Inland villages place=*
D5 INT-1-D-5.png Scattered buildings building=*
D6 INT-1-D-6.a.png INT-1-D-6.b.png Landmark buildings building=yes with some key features + landmark=*?
D7 INT-1-D-7.a.png INT-1-D-7.b.png Street and Road Names name=* on highway=*
D8 INT-1-D-8.a.png INT-1-D-8.b.png INT-1-D-8.c.png Ruined Landmark historic=ruins or ruins=yes Proposed features/ruins
D10 INT-1-D-10.png Motorway highway=motorway or highway=trunk
D11 INT-1-D-11.a.png INT-1-D-11.b.png Road highway=primary
D12 INT-1-D-12.a.png INT-1-D-12.b.png Tracks or Paths highway=track or highway=path
D13 INT-1-D-13.a.png INT-1-D-13.b.png Railway railway=*
D14 INT-1-D-14.a.png INT-1-D-14.b.png Cutting cutting=yes
D15 INT-1-D-15.a.png INT-1-D-15.b.png Embankment embankment=yes
D16 INT-1-D-16.png Tunnel tunnel=yes
D17 INT-1-D-17.png Airfield aeroway=*
D20 INT-1-D-20.a.png INT-1-D-20.b.png Vertical Clearance On overhead object:maxheight:marine=*

On waterway under object:seamark:bridge:clearance_height=* / seamark:bridge:clearance_height_open=* / seamark:bridge:clearance_height_closed=* / seamark:cable_overhead:vertical_clearance_safe=*

D21 INT-1-D-21.png Horizontal Clearance On waterway under object: seamark:bridge:clearance_width=*
D22 INT-1-D-22.png Fixed Bridge bridge=yes/suspension/arch + seamark:type=bridge + seamark:bridge:category=*
D23.1 INT-1-D-23.1.png Opening Bridge in general with vertical clearance bridge=opening + maxheight:marine=* + seamark:bridge:clearance_height=*
D23.2 INT-1-D-23.2.png Swing bridge with vertical clearance bridge=swing+maxheight:marine=* + seamark:bridge:clearance_height=*
D23.3 INT-1-D-23.3.png Lifting bridge with vertical clearance (open and closed) bridge=lift+maxheight:marine=open;closed + seamark:bridge:clearance_height=* / seamark:bridge:clearance_height_open=* + seamark:bridge:clearance_height_closed=*
D23.4 INT-1-D-23.4.png Bascule bridge with vertical clearance bridge=bascule+maxheight:marine=* + seamark:bridge:clearance_height=*
D23.5 INT-1-D-23.5.a.png INT-1-D-23.5.b.png Pontoon bridge bridge=pontoon
D23.6 INT-1-D-23.6.png Draw bridge bridge=drawbridge
D24 INT-1-D-24.png Transporter Bridge bridge=transporter
D25 INT-1-D-25.png Overhead transporter or telepheric aerialway=*
D26 INT-1-D-26.png Power Transmission Line power=line + seamark:type=cable_overhead + seamark:cable_overhead:category=power + seamark:cable_overhead:vertical_clearance_safe=*
D27 INT-1-D-27.png Telephones Line lines=phone + seamark:type=cable_overhead + seamark:cable_overhead:category=telephone + seamark:cable_overhead:vertical_clearance_safe=*
D28 INT-1-D-28.png Overhead pipeline man_made=pipeline + maxheight:marine=* + seamark:type=pipeline_overhead
D29 INT-1-D-29.png Pipeline on land man_made=pipeline
Flag of Brazil.svgDa BR-D-a.png Footbridge bridge=* on highway=path, highway=footway or similar
Flag of Norway.svgDa NO D-a.png City, Town (Small Scale) place=*
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgDa INT-1-D-a.png Tramway railway=tram
Flag of Norway.svgDb NO D-b.a.png
NO D-b.b.png
Public building building=public or building=civic or amenity=public_building
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgDb INT-1-D-b.png Helicopter landing site, Heliport aeroway=helipad
Flag of Norway.svgDc TS Telegraph Office signal_station=telegraph
Flag of Norway.svgDd NO D-d.png Causeway highway=* with embankment=yes
Flag of Norway.svgDe NO D-e.png Bridge inland bridge=*
Flag of Norway.svgDf NO D-f.png Stadium leisure=stadium

E: Landmarks
E1 INT-1-E-1.png Examples of landmarks seamark:type=landmark
E2 INT-1-E-2.png Examples of conspicuous landmarks seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:conspicuity=conspicuous User:Jongleur/MultiLevel Building Shapes
E3.1 INT-1-E-3.1.png Sketches with position circle seamark:type=landmark User:Jongleur/MultiLevel Building Shapes
E3.2 INT-1-E-3.2.png Sketches out of position seamark:type=landmark User:Jongleur/MultiLevel Building Shapes
E4 INT-1-E-4.png Height from top of structure above height datum ele=*
E5 INT-1-E-5.png Height above physical ground level height=*
E10.1 INT-1-E-10.1.a.png INT-1-E-10.1.b.png INT-1-E-10.1.c.png INT-1-E-10.1.d.png Church amenity=place_of_worship with religion=christian and building=church + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:function=church
E10.2 INT-1-E-10.2.a.png INT-1-E-10.2.b.png Church with location of tower market with label Tr amenity=place_of_worship with religion=christian and landmark=tower and building=church + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=tower + seamark:landmark:function=church
E10.3 INT-1-E-10.3.a.png INT-1-E-10.3.b.png Church with location of spire market with label Sp amenity=place_of_worship with religion=christian and landmark=spire and building=church + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=spire + seamark:landmark:function=church
E10.4 INT-1-E-10.4.a.png INT-1-E-10.4.b.png Church with location of cupola market with label Cup amenity=place_of_worship with religion=christian and landmark=dome and building=church + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=dome + seamark:landmark:function=church
E11 INT-1-E-11.a.png INT-1-E-11.b.png Chapel amenity=place_of_worship with religion=christian and building=chapel + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:function=chapel
E12 INT-1-E-12.png Cross or Calvary historic=wayside_cross or amenity=crucifix with landmark=cross + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=cross Proposed_features/building
E13 INT-1-E-13.a.png INT-1-E-13.b.png Temple amenity=place_of_worship + religion=jewish + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:function=temple
E14 INT-1-E-14.a.png INT-1-E-14.b.png Pagoda amenity=place_of_worship with religion=taoist + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:function=pagoda
E15 INT-1-E-15.png Shinto Shrine, Josshouse amenity=place_of_worship with religion=shinto + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:function=shinto_shrine
E16 INT-1-E-16.a.png INT-1-E-16.b.png Buddhist Temple amenity=place_of_worship with religion=buddhist + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:function=buddhist_temple
E17 INT-1-E-17.a.png INT-1-E-17.b.png Mosque amenity=place_of_worship with religion=muslim + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:function=mosque
E18 INT-1-E-18.a.png INT-1-E-18.b.png INT-1-E-18.c.png Marabout (shrine marking the burial place of a Moslem holy man, mainly confined to Northern Africa) religion=muslim on building=* marking a tomb (historic=wayside_shrine?) + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:function=marabout
E19 INT-1-E-19.a.png INT-1-E-19.b.png Cemeteries landuse=cemetery with landmark=cemetery + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=cemetery
E20 INT-1-E-20.a.png Towers in general man_made=tower with landmark=tower + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=tower
E21 INT-1-E-21.a.png Water Tower man_made=water_tower + seamark:type=tank + seamark:tank:category=water_tower
E22 INT-1-E-22.a.png Chimney man_made=chimney with landmark=chimney + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=chimney Proposed features/Chimney, Proposed features/chimney, Key:landmark
E23 INT-1-E-23.png Flare man_made=flare with landmark=flare_stack + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=flare_stack Proposed features/marine-tagging
E24 INT-1-E-24.a.png Monument historic=monument with landmark=monument + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=monument / seamark:landmark:category=column / seamark:landmark:category=memorial / seamark:landmark:category=obelisk / seamark:landmark:category=statue
E25.1 INT-1-E-25.1.png Windmill man_made=windmill with landmark=windmill} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=windmill
E25.2 INT-1-E-25.2.png Ruined Windmill man_made=windmill + ruins=yes with landmark=windmill} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=windmill Proposed features/ruins
E26.1 INT-1-E-26.1.a.png Wind motor power=generator with generator:source=wind and landmark=windmotor} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=windmotor Proposed_features/generator_rationalisation
E26.2 INT-1-E-26.2.png Wind Farm Area with several power=generator with generator:source=wind and landmark=windmotor} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=windmotor Proposed_features/generator_rationalisation
E27 INT-1-E-27.a.png Flag pole man_made=flagpole and landmark=flagpole} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=flagstaff Proposed features/flagpole
E28 INT-1-E-28.a.png INT-1-E-28.c.png Radio or Television Mast man_made=tower, tower:type=communication, tower:construction=freestanding} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=mast Proposed features/Communications tower
E29 INT-1-E-29.a.png Radio or Television Tower man_made=tower, tower:type=communication, tower:construction=lattice} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=tower Proposed features/Communications tower
E30.1 INT-1-E-30.1.png Radar mast man_made=mast with landmark=radar_scanner} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=radar_scanner
E30.2 INT-1-E-30.2.b.png Radar tower man_made=tower with landmark=radar_scanner} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=radar_scanner
E30.3 INT-1-E-30.3.b.png Radar scanner man_made=mast with landmark=radar_scanner} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=radar_scanner
E30.4 INT-1-E-30.4.png Radar dome, radome man_made=tower + tower:construction=dome with landmark=radar_scanner} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=radar_scanner
E31 INT-1-E-31.a.png Dish Aerial man_made=tower, tower:type=communication, tower:construction=dish with landmark=dish_aerial} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=dish_aerial Proposed features/Communications Transponder
E32 INT-1-E-32.a.png INT-1-E-32.c.png Tanks man_made=storage_tank Proposed features/storage tank
E33 INT-1-E-33.a.png INT-1-E-33.b.png Cylindrical Silos man_made=silo Proposed features/Silo
E34.1 INT-1-E-34.1.png Fortified Structure historic=fort historic=castle historic=archaeological_site WikiProject Fortifications Proposed features/Building attributes
E34.2 INT-1-E-34.2.a.png INT-1-E-34.2.b.png Castle, Fort, Blockhouse historic=fort historic=castle historic=archaeological_site WikiProject Fortifications Proposed features/Building attributes
E34.3 INT-1-E-34.3.a.png INT-1-E-34.3.b.png Battery, Small fort historic=fort historic=castle historic=archaeological_site WikiProject Fortifications Proposed features/Building attributes
E35.1 INT-1-E-35.1.a.png INT-1-E-35.1.b.png Quarry or Mine landuse=quarry or man_made=mineshaft or man_made=adit
E35.2 INT-1-E-35.2.png Quarry or Mine landuse=quarry or man_made=mineshaft or man_made=adit
E36 INT-1-E-36.png Quarry or Mine landuse=quarry or man_made=mineshaft or man_made=adit
Flag of Brazil.svgEa BR-E-a.png Mast man_made=mast} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=mast
Flag of Norway.svgEa

Flag of Brazil.svgEc

Any kind of station man_made=tower + tower:type=communication} + seamark:type=landmark + seamark:landmark:category=tower
Flag of Brazil.svgEb BR-E-b.png Stadium leisure=stadium
Flag of Norway.svgEb NO-E-b.png Sandpit landuse=quarry+resource=sand or resource=aggregate or resource=gravel
Flag of Brazil.svgEd BR-E-d.png Monastary, Convent amenity=place_of_worship
F: Ports
F1 INT-1-F-1.a.png INT-1-F-1.b.png INT-1-F-1.c.png INT-1-F-1.d.png A dyke, levee man_made=dyke
F2.1 INT-1-F-2.1.png Seawall on large scale maps barrier=wall + wall=seawall
F2.2 INT-1-F-2.2.a.png INT-1-F-2.2.b.png Seawall on small scale maps barrier=wall + wall=seawall
F3 INT-1-F-3.png Causeway highway=* with embankment=yes
F4.1 INT-1-F-4.1.a.png INT-1-F-4.1.b.png INT-1-F-4.1.c.png Breakwater in general man_made=breakwater Proposed features/Breakwater
F4.2 INT-1-F-4.2.png Breakwater loose boulders, tetrapods man_made=breakwater Proposed features/Breakwater
F4.3 INT-1-F-4.3.png Breakwater slope of concrete or masonry man_made=breakwater Proposed features/Breakwater
F5 INT-1-F-5.png Training Wall barrier=wall + wall=training_wall
F6.# INT-1-F-6.a.png
  1. always dry
  2. intertidal
  3. always underwater
man_made=groyne Proposed features/Breakwater Harbour Proposed features/marine-tagging
F10 NChart-Symbol INT Fishing Harbour.svg Fishing Port harbour=yes Harbour
F12 INT-1-F-12.png Mole Combining man_made=breakwater and man_made=pier or man_made=jetty Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F13 INT-1-F-13.a.png
Quay or Wharf man_made=pier or man_made=jetty Proposed features/Jetties and piers
F14 INT-1-F-14.a.png
Pier, Jetty man_made=pier Proposed features/Jetties and piers
F15 INT-1-F-15.png Pier, Prominade man_made=pier Proposed features/Jetties and piers
F16 INT-1-F-16.png Pontoon Harbour
F17 INT-1-F-17.a.png
Landing for boats
F18 INT-1-F-18.png Steps, Landing Stairs highway=steps
F19 INT-1-F-19.png Number (or letter) of berth ref=*
F20 INT-1-F-20.png Dolphin seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=dolphin Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F21 INT-1-F-21.png Deviation Dolphin seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=deviation_dolphin Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F22 INT-1-F-22.png Minor Posts or Pillars seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=post or + seamark:mooring:category=pile Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F23 INT-1-F-23.a.png INT-1-F-23.b.png INT-1-F-23.c.png INT-1-F-23.d.png Slipway or patent slip or ramp leisure=slipway
F24 INT-1-F-24.png Gridiron Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F25 INT-1-F-25.a.png
Dry dock waterway=dock + dock=drydock
F26 INT-1-F-26.a.png
Floating Dock waterway=dock + dock=floating
F27 INT-1-F-27.png Wet dock or non-tidal basin Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour Proposed features/Port
F28 INT-1-F-28.png Tidal basin Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour Proposed features/Port
F29.1 INT-1-F-29.1.png Floating oil barrier seamark:type=obstruction + seamark:obstruction:category=boom
F29.2 Oil retaining barrier or high pressure pipe
F30 INT-1-F-30.png Works on land construction=*
F31 INT-1-F-31.png Work at sea construction=* + seamark:type=shoreline_construction + seamark:shoreline_construction:category=*
F32 INT-1-F-32.a.png
Work under construction construction=*
F33.1 INT-1-F-33.1.png Ruined Pier in general historic=ruins or ruins=yes on man_made=pier Proposed features/ruins
F33.2 INT-1-F-33.2.a.png
Ruined Pier partly submerged on high water historic=ruins or ruins=yes on man_made=pier Proposed features/ruins
F34 INT-1-F-34.a.png
Hulk seamark:type=hulk
F40 INT-1-F-40.a.png
Canal waterway=canal
F41.1 INT-1-F-41.1.png Lock on large scale charts waterway=lock_gate
F41.2 INT-1-F-41.2.a.png Lock on smaller scale charts waterway=lock_gate
F42 INT-1-F-42.png Caisson waterway=lock_gate
F43 INT-1-F-43.png Flood barrage Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F44 INT-1-F-44.a.png
Dam waterway=dam
F50 INT-1-F-50.png RoRo Terminal Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F51 INT-1-F-51.a.png
Transit sheds and warehouses building=warehouse Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F52 INT-1-F-52.png Timber yard storage_area=timber or landuse=utility or landuse=harbour Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F53.1 INT-1-F-53.1.png Crane man_made=crane
F53.2 INT-1-F-53.2.png Crane man_made=crane
F53.3 INT-1-F-53.3.png Crane man_made=crane
F60 INT-1-F-60.png Harbour Master's Office harbour=harbour_master and office=government / amenity=harbourmaster Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F61 INT-1-F-61.png Customs Office harbour=customs Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F62.1 INT-1-F-62.1.png Health Officers office or Quarantine Office can be combined in a hospital, or a separate office. office=administrative or office=government + type=quarantine, may be combined with amenity=hospital Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F62.2 INT-1-F-62.2.a.png
Hospital amenity=hospital
F63 INT-1-F-63.a.png or PO Post Office amenity=post_office
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgFa INT-1-F-b.png Bollard seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=bollard
Flag of Brazil.svgFa BR-F-a.png Ditch with sloice waterway=ditch with lock=*
Flag of Norway.svgFa NO-F-a.png Calling point for VTS seamark:type=calling-in_point
Flag of Norway.svgFb NO-F-b.png Mooring ring mooring=ring or seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=wall
Flag of Norway.svgFc NO-F-c.png Seawall barrier=wall + wall=seawall

G: Topographic Terms
As chapter G contains no symbols, chapter is omitted in this list

H: Tides, Currents
H1 CD Datum for Sounding Reduction This information should be kept in a separate database
H2 LAT Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT) This information should be kept in a separate database
H3 HAT Highest Astronomical Tide (HAT) This information should be kept in a separate database
H4 MLW Mean Low Water (MLW) This information should be kept in a separate database
H5 MHW Mean High Water (MHW) This information should be kept in a separate database
H6 MSL Mean Sea Level (MSL) This information should be kept in a separate database
H7 Land Survey Datum This information should be kept in a separate database
H8 MLWS Mean Low Water Spring (MLWS) This information should be kept in a separate database
H9 MHWS Mean High Water Spring (MHWS) This information should be kept in a separate database
H10 MLWN Mean Low Water Neap (MLWN) This information should be kept in a separate database
H11 MHWN Mean High Water Neap (MHWN) This information should be kept in a separate database
H12 MLLW Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) This information should be kept in a separate database
H13 MHHW Mean Higher High Water (MHHW) This information should be kept in a separate database
H14 MHLW Mean Higher Low Water (MHLW) This information should be kept in a separate database
H15 MLHW Mean Lower High Water (MLHW) This information should be kept in a separate database
H16 Sp Spring Tide (Sp) This information should be kept in a separate database
H17 Np Neap Tide (Np) This information should be kept in a separate database




Semi-Diurnal and Diurnal Tide Level



Tidal streams table


H40 INT-1-H-40.png Tidal Stream Arrow This information should be kept in a separate database
H41 INT-1-H-41.png Tidal Stream Arrow This information should be kept in a separate database
H42 INT-1-H-42.png Non-tidal current in restricted waters This information should be kept in a separate database
H43 INT-1-H-43.png Non-tidal or ocean current in restricted waters This information should be kept in a separate database
H44 INT-1-H-44.png Overfalls, races, and tide rips This information should be kept in a separate database
H45 INT-1-H-45.png Eddie This information should be kept in a separate database
H46 INT-1-H-46.png Locations, often referred to as diamonds due to its shape, are locations of reference for tidal and current diagrams This information should be kept in a separate database
H47 INT-1-H-47.png Offshore positionfor which tidal levels are tabulated This information should be kept in a separate database
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgHe INT-1-H-a.png Wave Recorder
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgHf INT-1-H-b.png Current meter

I: Depths
I1 ED Existence Doubtful depth:source_quality=existence_doubtfull
I2 INT-1-I-2.png Sounding Doubtful depth:source_quality=sounding_doubtfull
I3.1 Rep Reported Dangers depth:source_quality=reported
I3.2 Rep (1977) Reported Dangers with indication of last report depth:source_quality=reported + depth:source_quality:reportyear=*
I4 INT-1-I-4.a.png INT-1-I-4.b.png Reported Dangers with indication of last report depth:source_quality=reported_not_confirmed
I10 INT-1-I-10.a.png INT-1-I-10.b.png INT-1-I-10.c.png Numerical values of single point soundings This should be handled by an external database, similar to SRTM data for heights at land.
I11 INT-1-I-11.a.png INT-1-I-11.b.png INT-1-I-11.c.png INT-1-I-11.d.png INT-1-I-11.e.png INT-1-I-11.f.png Out of position soundings This should be handled by an external database, similar to SRTM data for heights at land.
I12 INT-1-I-12.png Least depth in narrow channel This should be handled by an external database, similar to SRTM data for heights at land.
I13 INT-1-I-13.png Non-bottom soundings This is readings from echosounders where real seabed is deeper. Only way to survey the depth is by use of manual sounding.
I14 INT-1-I-14.a.png INT-1-I-14.b.png Unreliable soundings Quality of seabed, sediments of water, or special conditions of currents and tides might give wrong readings, or the source are old or inaccurate.
I15 INT-1-I-15.png Drying height water=tidal + height=*?
I16 INT-1-I-16.png Natural water cause
I20 INT-1-I-20.png Limit of dredged area waterway=dredged_area seamark:type=dredged_area
I21 INT-1-I-21.png Dredged depth depth:dredged=* + waterway=dredged_area seamark:type=dredged_area Proposed features/marine-tagging
I22 INT-1-I-22.png Dredged depth not regularly maintained depth:dredged=* + maintained=no + depth:dredged:year=* + waterway=dredged_area seamark:type=dredged_area Proposed features/marine-tagging
I23 INT-1-I-23.png Dredged depth regularly maintained depth:dredged=* + maintained=yes + waterway=dredged_area seamark:type=dredged_area Proposed features/marine-tagging
I24 INT-1-I-24.png Swept Area waterway=swept_area Proposed features/marine-tagging
I25 INT-1-I-25.a.png INT-1-I-25.b.png INT-1-I-25.c.png INT-1-I-25.d.png Area with note regarding depth survey note:depth=*
I30 INT-1-I-30.png Depth contours This should be handled by an external database, similar to SRTM data for heights at land.
I31 INT-1-I-31.png Approximate contours This should be handled by an external database, similar to SRTM data for heights at land.
Flag of France.svgIc unexam Unexamined

J: Nature of Seabed
J1 S Seabed Surface of Sand seabed_surface=sand /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=sand

J2 M Seabed Surface of Mud seabed_surface=mud /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=mud

J3 Cy Seabed Surface of Clay seabed_surface=clay /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=clay

J4 Si Seabed Surface of Silt seabed_surface=silt /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=silt

J5 St Seabed Surface of Stones seabed_surface=stones /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=stones

J6 G Seabed Surface of Gravel seabed_surface=gravel /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=gravel

J7 P Seabed Surface of Pebbles seabed_surface=pebbles /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=pebbles

J8 Cb Seabed Surface of Cobbles seabed_surface=cobbles /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=cobbles

J9.1 R Seabed Surface of Rock or Rocky seabed_surface=rocky /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=rocky

J9.2 Bo Seabed Surface of Boulders seabed_surface=boulders /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=boulders

J10 Co Seabed Surface of Coral or Coraline Algea seabed_surface=coral /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=coral

J11 Sh Seabed Surface of Shells seabed_surface=shells /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=shells

J12.1 S/M Two Layer, e.g. Sand over Mud seabed_surface:1=sand, seabed_surface:2=mud /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:1:surface=sand + seamark:seabed_area:2:surface=mud

J12.2 fS.M.Sh Admixtures are shown behind the main consistuent of the deposit seabed_surface:quality:1=coarse
J13.1 Wd Seabed Surface of Weed such as Kelp seabed_surface=weed /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=weed

J13.2 INT-1-J-13.2.png Kelp seabed_surface=kelp /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=kelp

J14 INT-1-J-14.png Sandwaves seabed_surface=mobile_bottom /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=???

J15 INT-1-J-15.png Springs in the Seabed seabed_surface=spring_in_seabed /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=???

J20 INT-1-J-20.png Intertidal areas of sand and mud with patches of stones and gravel water=tidal + surface=* Proposed_features/Water_cover
J21 INT-1-J-21.png Intertidal areas of Rocky nature water=tidal + surface=rocky Proposed_features/Water_cover
J22 INT-1-J-22.png Coral Reef or Foreshore water=tidal + surface=coral
J30 f Quality of seabed is fine, only used in relation with Sand seabed_surface:quality=fine
J31 m Quality of seabed is medium, only used in relation with Sand seabed_surface:quality=medium
J32 c Quality of seabed is coarse, only used in relation with Sand seabed_surface:quality=coarse
J33 bk Quality of seabed is broken seabed_surface:quality=broken
J34 sy Quality of seabed is sticky seabed_surface:quality=sticky
J35 so Quality of seabed is soft seabed_surface:quality=soft
J36 sf Quality of seabed is stiff seabed_surface:quality=stiff
J37 v Quality of seabed is volcanic seabed_surface:quality=volcanic
J38 ca Quality of seabed is calcareous seabed_surface:quality=calcareous
J39 h Quality of seabed is hard seabed_surface:quality=hard

K: Rocks, Wrecks, Obstructions
K1 INT-1-K-1.png Danger area
K2 INT-1-K-2.png Depth of swept point depth:swept=*
K3 INT-1-K-3.png Submerged object with Safe Clearance mark depth:clearance=*
K10 INT-1-K-10.png Rocks or large boulders that do not cover natural=rock + ele=*
K11 INT-1-K-11.png Rocks or large boulders that cover and uncover natural=rock + tidal=yes


K12 INT-1-K-12.png Rocks which are awash natural=rock + depth=0


K13 INT-1-K-13.png Rocks that are always under water natural=rock + depth=*


K14.1 INT-1-K-14.1.png Underwater rocks within corresponding depth area natural=rock + depth=*
K14.2 INT-1-K-14.2.png Underwater rocks outside corresponding depth area natural=rock + depth=*
K15 INT-1-K-15.png Underwater rocks of known depth not of danger to surface navigation natural=rock + depth=*
K16 INT-1-K-16.png Submerged coral reefs and pinnacles natural=reef + depth=* or sub_sea=reef + depth=* Proposed features/reef
K17 INT-1-K-17.a.png INT-1-K-17.b.png Breakers natural=breaker
K20 INT-1-K-20.png Wreck completely above water with mast or funnel historic=wreck + height=* or ele=* seamark:type=wreck
K21 INT-1-K-21.png Wreck that covers and uncovers with mast or funnel historic=wreck + tidal=yes seamark:type=wreck
K22 INT-1-K-22.png Wreck with known depth historic=wreck + depth=* seamark:type=wreck
K23 INT-1-K-23.png Wreck with unknown depth historic=wreck seamark:type=wreck
K24 INT-1-K-24.png Stranded wreck historic=wreck + stranded=yes? seamark:type=wreck
K25 INT-1-K-25.a.png INT-1-K-25.b.png Wreck with only mast or funnel visible historic=wreck seamark:type=wreck
K26 INT-1-K-26.png Wreck where least known depth have been checked with sounding only historic=wreck + depth=* + depth:verified=sounding seamark:type=wreck
K27 INT-1-K-27.png Wreck that have been wire swept historic=wreck depth:swept=yes seamark:type=wreck
K28 INT-1-K-28.png Wreck with unknown depth considered to be potentially dangerous historic=wreck + depth:dangerous=yes seamark:type=wreck
K29 INT-1-K-29.png Wreck with unknown depth for which safe clearance cannot be estimated historic=wreck + depth=* seamark:type=wreck
K30 INT-1-K-30.png Wreck over which exact depth is unknown, but which is considered to have a safe clearance at the depth shown seamark:type=wreck
K31 INT-1-K-31.a.png INT-1-K-31.b.png Foul ground seamark:type=obstruction + seamark:obstruction:category=foul_ground
K40 INT-1-K-40.png Submerged Obstruction with unknown depth seamark:type=obstruction + seamark:obstruction:category=foul_area
K41 INT-1-K-41.png Submerged Obstruction with least known depth by sounding only
K42 INT-1-K-42.png Submerged Obstruction wire swept or least known depth verified by divers (in combination with K2)
K43.1 INT-1-K-43.1.a.png INT-1-K-43.1.b.png Stumps of Posts or Pillars seamark:type=obstruction + seamark:obstruction:category=stump


K43.2 INT-1-K-43.2.png Stumps of Posts or Pillars seamark:type=obstruction + seamark:obstruction:category=stump


K44.1 INT-1-K-44.1.a.png INT-1-K-44.1.b.png Fish Stakes
K44.2 INT-1-K-44.2.png Fish Traps, Fish Lines, Tunny Nets
K45 INT-1-K-45.png Fish Trap Area, Tunny Net Area
K46.1 INT-1-K-46.1.png Fish havens or Fish reefs, artificial structures where fish can live protected, to breed. seamark:type=obstruction + seamark:obstruction:category=fish_haven
K46.2 INT-1-K-46.2.png Fish havens or Fish reefs, artificial structures where fish can live protected, to breed. seamark:type=obstruction + seamark:obstruction:category=fish_haven
K47 INT-1-K-47.png Shellfish beds with no obstruction
K48.1 INT-1-K-48.1.png Marine farms seamark:type=marine_farm

landuse=fishfarm or landuse=aquaculture

Proposed features/fishfarm Proposed features/Aquaculture
K48.2 INT-1-K-48.2.a.png INT-1-K-48.2.b.png NO-K-48.png Marine farms seamark:type=marine_farm

landuse=fishfarm or landuse=aquaculture

Proposed features/fishfarm Proposed features/Aquaculture
Flag of France.svgKc

Flag of the United Kingdom.svgKd

Discol Discolored water
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgKe INT-1-K-f.png Submerged wreck, depth unknown historic=wreck seamark:type=wreck
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgKf INT-1-K-g.png Navigation light on stranded wreck historic=wreck + light=* seamark:type=wreck

L: Offshore Installations
L1 INT-1-L-1.png Names of Oil and Gas fields waterway=offshore_field + name=*
L2 INT-1-L-2.png Platform with designation/name man_made=offshore_platform + name=* seamark:type=platform
L3 INT-1-L-3.png Safety Zone
L4 INT-1-L-4.png Limit of Development Area
L5.1 INT-1-L-5.1.png Wind Turbine power=generator + power_source=wind
L5.2 INT-1-L-5.2.png Wind Farm area with power=generator + power_source=wind
L10 INT-1-L-10.png Offshore platform man_made=offshore_platform
L11 INT-1-L-11.png Flare man_made=flare+offshore=yes?
L12 INT-1-L-12.png Single Point Mooring mooring=spm or mooring=sbm
L13 INT-1-L-13.png Observation/Research Platform with name man_made=offshore_platform seamark:type=platform
L14 80 Disused Platform man_made=offshore_platform+disused=yes seamark:type=platform
L15 INT-1-L-15.png Artificial Island
L16 INT-1-L-16.png Monobuoy, Exposed Location Single Mooring Buoy mooring=monobuoy
L17 INT-1-L-17.png Floating Storage Unit or FPSO man_made=floating_storage
L18 INT-1-L-18.a.png
Mooring Ground Tackle
L20 INT-1-L-20.a.png
Production well, with depth where known man_made=petroleum_well + type=* + depth=*
L21.1 INT-1-L-21.1.png Submerged wellhead: Suspended well, depth over wellhead unknown man_made=petroleum_well
L21.2 INT-1-L-21.2.png Submerged wellhead: Suspended well, with depth over wellhead man_made=petroleum_well + depth=*
L21.3 INT-1-L-21.3.png Submerged wellhead: Wellhead with height over bottom man_made=petroleum_well + height=*
L22 INT-1-L-22.png Cleared platform
L23 INT-1-L-23.png Above water wellhead man_made=petroleum_well
L24 INT-1-L-24.png Underwater turbine power=generator + power_source=?
L30.1 INT-1-L-30.1.png Submarine Cable exact route of individual cable man_made=submarine_cable seamark:type=cable_submarine
L30.2 INT-1-L-30.2.png Submarine Cable Area man_made=submarine_cable seamark:type=cable_submarine
L31.1 INT-1-L-31.1.png Submarine Power Cable exact route of single cable man_made=submarine_cable+power=line seamark:type=cable_submarine
L31.2 INT-1-L-31.2.png Submarine Power Cable Area man_made=submarine_cable+power=line seamark:type=cable_submarine
L32 INT-1-L-32.png Disused submarine cables man_made=submarine_cable+disused=yes seamark:type=cable_submarine
L40.1 INT-1-L-40.1.png Submarine supply pipeline, label to indicate product should be shown man_made=pipeline seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L40.2 INT-1-L-40.2.png Submarine supply pipeline area man_made=pipeline? seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L41.1 INT-1-L-41.1.png Submarine outlet/intake pipeline man_made=pipeline seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L41.2 INT-1-L-41.2.png Submarine outlet/intake pipeline area man_made=pipeline seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L42 INT-1-L-42.png Buried pipelines of all sorts man_made=pipeline seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L43 INT-1-L-43.a.png
Diffuser seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L44 INT-1-L-44.png Disused pipelines man_made=pipeline + disused=yes seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgLc INT-1-L-c.png SWOPS, Single Well Oil Production System. For substantial periods of time a loading tanker is positioned over the wellhead
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgLd INT-1-L-b.png Underwater Installation; template, manifold

M: Tracks, Routes
M1 INT-1-M-1.png Leading Line relation type=leading_line way seamark:type=navigation_line
M2 INT-1-M-2.png Clearing Lines or Transits marking Isolated Dangers
M3 INT-1-M-3.png Recommended Track where based on a system of fixed marks seamark:type=recommended_track
M4 INT-1-M-4.png Recommended Track where not based on a system of fixed marks seamark:type=recommended_track
M5.1 INT-1-M-5.1.png Oneway tracks and DW tracks based on a system of fixed marks seamark:type=deepwater_route
M5.2 INT-1-M-5.2.png Oneway tracks and DW tracks not based on a system of fixed marks seamark:type=deepwater_route
M6 INT-1-M-6.png Maximum authorized (or recommended) draught maxdraught=* / draft=* / maxdraft=*
M10 INT-1-M-10.png Arrow for direction of transit in TSS seamark:type=separation_lane
M11 INT-1-M-11.png Arrow for recomended direction of transit in TSS seamark:type=separation_lane
M12 INT-1-M-12.a.png
Separation Line seamark:type=separation_line
M13 INT-1-M-13.png Separation Zone seamark:type=separation_zone
M14 INT-1-M-14.png Limit of Restricted Area seamark:type=restricted_area
M15 INT-1-M-15.png Limit of Routing Measures seamark:type=separation_boundary
M16 INT-1-M-16.png Danger Symbol
M17 INT-1-M-17.a.png
Archipelagic Sea Line (ASL)
M18 INT-1-M-18.png Fairway seamark:type=fairway / seamark:type=separation_lane?
M21 Roundabout in a TSS seamark:type=separation_roundabout
M22 Junction in a TSS
M23 Crossing in a TSS
M24 Precaution Area
M30 INT-1-M-30.png Radar Surveillance Station seamark:type=radar_station
M31 INT-1-M-31.png Radar Range seamark:type=radar_line
M32.1 INT-1-M-32.1.png Radar Reference Line seamark:type=radar_line
M32.2 INT-1-M-32.2.png Radar Reference Line coinciding with a leading line seamark:type=radar_line / seamark:type=navigation_line
M40.1 INT-1-M-40.1.png Radio Reporting Point showing with direction of report and designation (if any) seamark:type=calling-in_point
M40.2 INT-1-M-40.2.png Radio Reporting Line seamark:type=calling-in_point
M50 INT-1-M-50.png Ferry Route route=ferry
M51 INT-1-M-51.png Cable Ferry Route route=ferry
N: Areas, Limites
INT-1-N-1.1.png INT-1-N-1.2.png Non-restricted areas
N2.1 INT-1-N-2.1.png Restriction Area such as speed limits, access restrictions, etc. seamark:type=restricted_area
N2.2 INT-1-N-2.2.png Entry Prohibited Area seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:restriction=no_entry
N10 INT-1-N-10.png Reported Anchorages seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N11.1 INT-1-N-11.1.png Designated Anchor Berth seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N11.2 INT-1-N-11.2.png Designated Anchor Berth with limit seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.1 INT-1-N-12.1.png Anchorage Area, defined limit seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.2 INT-1-N-12.2.png Anchorage Area, numbered Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.3 INT-1-N-12.3.png Anchorage Area, named Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.4 INT-1-N-12.4.png Anchorage Area, deep Water Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.5 INT-1-N-12.5.png Anchorage Area, tanker Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.6 INT-1-N-12.6.png Anchorage Area, for periods up to 24h seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.7 INT-1-N-12.7.png Anchorage Area, explosives seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.8 INT-1-N-12.8.png Anchorage Area, quarantine Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.9 INT-1-N-12.9.png Anchorage Area, reserved Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N13 INT-1-N-13.png Seaplane operation area seamark:type=seaplane_landing_area
N14 INT-1-N-14.png Seaplane anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N20 INT-1-N-20.png Areas in which Anchorage is prohibited seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:restriction=no_anchoring
N21 INT-1-N-21.png Area where Fishing is prohibited seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:restriction=no_fishing
N22 INT-1-N-22.a1.png INT-1-N-22.a2.png INT-1-N-22.b1.png INT-1-N-22.b2.png INT-1-N-22.b3.png INT-1-N-22.b4.png INT-1-N-22.c1.png INT-1-N-22.c2.png INT-1-N-22.d1.png INT-1-N-22.d2.png INT-1-N-22.e1.png INT-1-N-22.e2.png Bird Sanctuary, Seal Sanctuary, Nature Reserve, National Park, Marine Sanctuary or Marine Reserve. Can also be PSSA (Particularly Sensitive Sea Area) boundary=national_park or boundary=protected_area
N23.1 INT-1-N-23.1.png Explosives Dumping Ground
N23.2 INT-1-N-23.2.png Explosives Dumping Ground (disused)
N24 INT-1-N-24.png Dumping Ground for Harmful Substances
N25 INT-1-N-25.png Degaussing Range
N26 INT-1-N-26.png Historic Wreck
N27 INT-1-N-27.png Maximum Speed maxspeed=* seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:restriction=restricted_speed
N30 INT-1-N-30.png Limit of Firing danger area seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=military
N31 INT-1-N-31.png Other Naval Practice Area seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=military
N32 INT-1-N-32.png Limit of Mine laying or counter-measures/clearance practice area seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=military
N33 INT-1-N-33.png Submarine Practice Area seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=military
N34 INT-1-N-34.png Mine field seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=military
N40 INT-1-N-40.a.png INT-1-N-40.b.png International boundaries on land boundary=administrative + admin_level=2 in two boundary relations, one for each country Proposed features/Maritime borders
N41 INT-1-N-41.a.png INT-1-N-41.b.png International maritime boundaries boundary=administrative + admin_level=2 maritime=yes + border_type=territorial should be part of the same relation as the land border Proposed features/Maritime borders
N42 INT-1-N-42.png Baseline boundary=maritime + border_type=baseline Proposed features/Maritime borders
N43 INT-1-N-43.a.png INT-1-N-43.b.png Territorial Sea boundary=maritime + border_type=territorial? Proposed features/Maritime borders
N44 INT-1-N-44.png Contiguous Zone boundary=maritime + border_type=contiguous Proposed features/Maritime borders
N45 INT-1-N-45.png Fishery Zone boundary=maritime + border_type=fishery? Proposed features/Maritime borders
N46 INT-1-N-46.png Continental Shelf natural=continental_shelf?
N47 INT-1-N-47.a.png INT-1-N-47.b.png Exclusive Economic Zone boundary=maritime + border_type=eez seamark:type=exclusive_economic_zone Proposed features/Maritime borders
N48 INT-1-N-48.png Customs Limit
N49 INT-1-N-49.png Defined Harbour Limits boundary=maritime + border_type=harbour_limits? Harbour
N60.1 INT-1-N-60.1.a.png INT-1-N-60.1.b.png Limit of Fast Ice, Ice Front (with date)
N60.2 INT-1-N-60.2.a.png INT-1-N-60.2.b.png Limit of Sea Ice, Pack Ice (with date)
N61 INT-1-N-61.png Log Pond
N62.1 INT-1-N-62.1.png Spoil Ground seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=foul_ground
N62.2 INT-1-N-62.2.png Spoil Ground, disused seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=foul_ground + disused=yes
N63 INT-1-N-63.png Dredging Area waterway=dredged_area seamark:type=dredged_area
N64 INT-1-N-64.png Cargo Transhipment Area
N65 INT-1-N-65.png Incineration Area
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgNa Seabed Operations Dangerous/Prohibited
Flag of Brazil.svgNa BR-N-a.png Danger Area
Flag of Brazil.svgNb BR-N-b.png Limit of iceberg
Flag of Norway.svgNb

Flag of the United Kingdom.svgNb

NO-N-b.png Diving Prohibited seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:restriction=no_diving
Flag of Brazil.svgNc BR-N-c.png Embankment area
Flag of Norway.svgNc NO-N-c.png Maximum speed limit maxspeed=*
Flag of Brazil.svgNd BR-N-d.png District or province limit boundary=administrative + admin_level=4
Flag of Norway.svgNd NO-N-d.png Bottom chain
O: Hydrographic Terms
As chapter O contains no symbols, chapter is omitted in this list

P: Lights
P1 INT-1-P-1.a.png
Major Light, Minor Light, Light, Lighthouse seamark:light:colour=* seamark:type=light_minor / seamark:type=light_major Proposed features/marine-tagging
OpenSeaMap/Lights Data Model
P2 INT-1-P-2.png Lighted Offshore Platforms seamark:light:colour=* seamark:type=platform Proposed features/marine-tagging
P3 INT-1-P-3.png Lighted Beacon Tower seamark:light:colour=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P4 INT-1-P-4.a.png
Lighted Beacon seamark:light:colour=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P5 INT-1-P-5.png Buoyant Beacon, Resilient Beacon seamark:light:colour=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P6 INT-1-P-6.a.png
Major Floating Light (light vessel, major light float, LANBY) seamark:type=light_vessel or seamark:type=light_float with seamark:light:colour=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P10.# Class of Light
  1. Fixed (constant light)
  2. Occulting (total duration of light longer than duration of darkness)
  3. Isophase (duration of light and darkness equal)
  4. Flashing (total duration of light shorter than duration of darkness)
  5. Long-flashing (flash 2s or longer)
  6. Quick (repetition rate of 50 to 79 - usually either 50 or 60 - flashes per minute)
    1. Continuous Quick
    2. Group Quick
    3. Interrupted Quick
  7. Very Quick (repetition rate of 80 to 159 - usually either 100 or 120 - flashes per minute)
    1. Continuous Very Quick
    2. Group Very Quick
    3. Interrupted Very Quick
  8. Ultra Quick (repetition rate of 160 or more - usually either 240 or 300 - flasher per minute)
    1. Continuous Ultra Quick
    2. Interrupted Ultra Quick
  9. Morse Code
  10. Alternating
Proposed features/marine-tagging
P11.# INT-1-P-11.png Color of Light
  1. White
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Blue
  5. Violet
  6. Yellow
  7. Orange
  8. Amber
seamark:light:colour=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P12 Periods seamark:light:period=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P13 Elevation of Light in meters seamark:light:height=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P14 Nominal Range in Nautical Miles seamark:light:range=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P15 Position
  • Horizontal (hor)
  • Vertical (vert)
seamark:light:category=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P16 Full light Description Composition of all seamark:light:*=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P20.1 INT-1-P-20.1.png Leading Lights with leading line (firm line is track to follow) and arcs of visibility seamark:light:category=directional relation type=leading_light or part of way seamark:type=navigation_line Proposed features/marine-tagging
P20.2 INT-1-P-20.2.png Leading Lights (≠ : any two objects in line) seamark:light:category=directional relation Proposed features/marine-tagging
P20.3 INT-1-P-20.3.a.png
Leading Lights leading lights in small scale charts seamark:light:category=directional relation Proposed features/marine-tagging
P21 INT-1-P-21.png Light in line marking the sides of a channel seamark:light:category=directional? relation Proposed features/marine-tagging
P22 Rear or Upper light seamark:light:category=upper or seamark:light:category=rear relation Proposed features/marine-tagging
P23 Front or Lower light seamark:light:category=front or seamark:light:category=lower relation Proposed features/marine-tagging
P30.1 INT-1-P-30.1.png Direction Lights with narrow sector and course to be followed seamark:light:category=directional Proposed features/marine-tagging
P30.2 INT-1-P-30.2.png Direction Lights with course to be followed seamark:light:category=directional Proposed features/marine-tagging
P30.3 INT-1-P-30.3.png Direction Lights with narrow fairway sector flanked by light sectors of different characters seamark:light:category=directional relation Proposed features/marine-tagging
P30.4 INT-1-P-30.4.png Direction Lights with narrow fairway sector flanked by light sectors of different characters on many color maps seamark:light:category=directional relation Proposed features/marine-tagging
P31 INT-1-P-31.png Moire Effect Light (day and night)
Arrows show when course alteration needed
seamark:light:category=moire relation Proposed features/marine-tagging
P40.1 INT-1-P-40.1.png Sector Light on Standard Charts seamark:light:*:sector_start=* and seamark:light:*:sector_end=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P40.2 INT-1-P-40.2.png Sector Light on Many Color Charts seamark:light:*:sector_start=* and seamark:light:*:sector_end=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P41.1 INT-1-P-41.1.png Sector Light, the white sector marks sides of the fairway on Standard Charts seamark:light:*:sector_start=* and seamark:light:*:sector_end=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P41.2 INT-1-P-41.2.png Sector Light, the white sector marks sides of the fairway on Many Color Charts seamark:light:*:sector_start=* and seamark:light:*:sector_end=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P42 INT-1-P-42.png Main Light visible all around with subsidiary light seen over danger separate node with seamark:light:category=subsidiary relation Proposed features/marine-tagging
P43 INT-1-P-43.a.png
All-around light with obscured sector seamark:light:colour=* + seamark:light:visibility=part_obscured Proposed features/marine-tagging
P44 INT-1-P-44.png Light with arc of visibility deliberately restricted seamark:light:*:sector_start=* and seamark:light:*:sector_end=* (exclude restricted sector on purpose) Proposed features/marine-tagging
P45 INT-1-P-45.png Light with faint sector seamark:light:visibility=unintensified Proposed features/marine-tagging
P46 INT-1-P-46.a.png
Light with intensified sector seamark:light:visibility=intensified Proposed features/marine-tagging
P50 INT-1-P-50.png Lights Exhibited only when needed seamark:light:exhibition=on_demand Proposed features/marine-tagging
P51 INT-1-P-51.png Daytime lights (charted only where character shown by day differs from that shown at night) seamark:light:exhibition=day Proposed features/marine-tagging
P52 INT-1-P-52.png Fog Light (exhibited only in fog, or when character changes in fog) seamark:light:exhibition=fog Proposed features/marine-tagging
P53 INT-1-P-53.png Unwatched (Unmanned) light with no standby or emergency arrangements seamark:light:status=unreliable Proposed features/marine-tagging
P54 (temp) Temporary seamark:light:status=temporary Proposed features/marine-tagging
P55 (exting) Extinguished seamark:light:status=extinguished / disused=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
P60 Aero Light seamark:light:category=aero Proposed features/marine-tagging
P61.1 Air Obstruction Light, High Intensity seamark:light:category=air_obstruction


seamark:light:visibility can be omitted if unknown

Proposed features/marine-tagging
P61.2 Air Obstruction Light, Low Intensity seamark:light:category=air_obstruction


seamark:light:visibility can be omitted if unknown

Proposed features/marine-tagging
P62 Fog Detector Light seamark:light:category=fog_detector Proposed features/marine-tagging
P63 INT-1-P-63.svg Floodlight, Floodlighting of a structure seamark:light:category=floodlight Proposed features/marine-tagging
P64 INT-1-P-64.svg Strip lights seamark:light:category=striplight Proposed features/marine-tagging
P65 Private light other than one exhibited occasionally seamark:light:status=private Proposed features/marine-tagging
Flag of Norway.svgPa NO-P-a.png Alternating Light on Many Color Charts seamark:light:character=Al
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgPa INT-1-P-a.png Navigational Lights on Landmarks or Other Structures seamark:light:colour=*
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgPb Lights located outside the chart seamark:light:colour=*
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgPc INT-1-P-c.png Light with unintensified sector seamark:light:colour=*
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgPd (sync) or (sync) Synchronized or Sequential relation

Q: Buoys, Beacons
Q1 INT-1-Q-1.png Position of Buoy seamark:type=buoy_lateral or seamark:type=buoy_cardinal or seamark:type=buoy_isolated_danger or seamark:type=buoy_safe_water or seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap/Buoy Data Model
Q2 INT-1-Q-2.png Green or Black (symbol filled black) seamark:buoy_lateral:colour=green or seamark:buoy_special_purpose:colour=black Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q3 INT-1-Q-3.png Single Color other than Green or Black seamark:buoy_lateral:colour=* / seamark:buoy_cardinal:colour=* / seamark:buoy_isolated_danger:colour=black;red;black / seamark:buoy_safe_water:colour=red;white / seamark:buoy_special_purpose:colour=* with any other value than green or black Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q4 INT-1-Q-4.png Multiple Color in Horizontal bands seamark:buoy_lateral:colour_pattern=horizontal / seamark:buoy_cardinal:colour_pattern=horizontal / seamark:buoy_isolated_danger:colour_pattern=horizontal / seamark:buoy_special_purpose:colour_pattern=horizontal Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q5 INT-1-Q-5.png Multiple Color in Vertical or Diagonal bands seamark:buoy_safe_water:colour_pattern=vertical / seamark:buoy_special_purpose:colour_pattern=vertical / seamark:buoy_special_purpose:colour_pattern=diagonal Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q6 Refl Retroreflecting material retroreflecting=yes / seamark:reflectivity=* / seamark:buoy_lateral:reflectivity=* / seamark:buoy_cardinal:reflectivity=* / seamark:buoy_isolated_danger:reflectivity=* / seamark:buoy_safe_water:reflectivity=* / seamark:buoy_special_purpose:reflectivity=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q7 INT-1-Q-7.png Light marks on standard charts seamark:light:colour=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q8 INT-1-Q-8.png Light marks on multi colored charts seamark:light:colour=* or sector information Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q9 INT-1-Q-9.png IALA System Buoy Topmark seamark:topmark:colour=* and seamark:topmark:shape=* Proposed features/marine-tagging Proposed features/marine-tagging/topmark
Q10 INT-1-Q-10.a.pngINT-1-Q-10.b.png Beacon with topmark, color, Radar reflector, and designation seamark:type=beacon_lateral + seamark:beacon_lateral:colour=red + seamark:radar_reflector=yes + seamark:topmark:colour=red + seamark:topmark:shape=cylinder + seamark:name=* + seamark:beacon_lateral:system=* + seamark:beacon_lateral:category=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q11 INT-1-Q-11.a.pngINT-1-Q-11.b.png Buoy with topmark, color, Radar reflector, and designation seamark:type=buoy_lateral + seamark:buoy_lateral:colour=* + seamark:buoy_lateral:shape=conical + seamark:buoy_lateral:system=* + seamark:buoy_lateral:category=* + seamark:radar_reflector=yes + seamark:topmark:colour=green + seamark:topmark:shape=cone, point up + seamark:name=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q20 NChart-Symbol INT ConicalBuoy Red.svg shape of buoy - conical seamark:buoy_lateral:shape=conical / seamark:buoy_cardinal:shape=conical / seamark:buoy_isolated_danger:shape=conical / seamark:buoy_safe_water:shape=conical / seamark:buoy_special_purpose:shape=conical Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q21 NChart-Symbol INT CanBuoy Red.svg shape of buoy - cylindrical seamark:buoy_lateral:shape=can / seamark:buoy_cardinal:shape=can / seamark:buoy_isolated_danger:shape=can / seamark:buoy_safe_water:shape=can / seamark:buoy_special_purpose:shape=can Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q22 NChart-Symbol INT SphereBuoy Red.svg shape of buoy - spherical seamark:buoy_lateral:shape=spherical / seamark:buoy_cardinal:shape=spherical / seamark:buoy_isolated_danger:shape=spherical / seamark:buoy_safe_water:shape=spherical / seamark:buoy_special_purpose:shape=spherical Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q23 SpecialPP Pillar.svg shape of buoy - pillar seamark:buoy_lateral:shape=pillar / seamark:buoy_cardinal:shape=pillar / seamark:buoy_isolated_danger:shape=pillar / seamark:buoy_safe_water:shape=pillar / seamark:buoy_special_purpose:shape=pillar Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q24 SpecialPP Spar.svg shape of buoy - spar seamark:buoy_lateral:shape=spar / seamark:buoy_cardinal:shape=spar / seamark:buoy_isolated_danger:shape=spar / seamark:buoy_safe_water:shape=spar / seamark:buoy_special_purpose:shape=spar Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q25 NChart-Symbol INT BarrelBuoy Red.svg shape of buoy - barrel seamark:buoy_special_purpose:shape=barrel Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q26 INT-1-Q-26.png shape of buoy - superbuoy seamark:buoy_special_purpose:shape=super-buoy Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q30 INT-1-Q-30.png Light float as part of IALA System seamark:type=light_float Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q31 INT-1-Q-31.png Light float (unmanned light vessel) not part of IALA System seamark:type=light_float Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q40 INT-1-Q-40.a.png


Mooring Buoys seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=buoy Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q41 INT-1-Q-41.png Mooring Buoys with light seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=buoy + seamark:light:colour=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q42 INT-1-Q-42.png Mooring trots seamark:type=mooring Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q43 INT-1-Q-43.png Mooring Buoy with telegraphic or telephonic cabel seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=buoy + amenity=telephone Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q44 INT-1-Q-44.png Numerous Moorings seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=buoy Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q50 INT-1-Q-50.png Firing Danger Area seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:topmark:shape=x-shape Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q51 INT-1-Q-51.png Target seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:topmark:shape=x-shape + seamark:name=Target Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q52 INT-1-Q-52.png Marker Ship seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:topmark:shape=x-shape + seamark:name=Marker ship Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q53 INT-1-Q-53.png Barge seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:topmark:shape=x-shape + seamark:name=Barge Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q54 INT-1-Q-54.png Degaussing Range seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:topmark:shape=x-shape Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q55 INT-1-Q-55.png Buoy marking cable seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:topmark:shape=x-shape Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q56 INT-1-Q-56.png Spoil Ground seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:topmark:shape=x-shape Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q57 INT-1-Q-57.png Buoy marking outfalls seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:topmark:shape=x-shape Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q58 INT-1-Q-58.png ODAS-buoy (Ocean Data Acquisition System) Data Collection buoy of superbuoy size seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:buoy_special_purpose:category=odas + seamark:buoy_special_purpose:shape=super-buoy Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q59 INT-1-Q-59.png Buoy marking wave recorder or current meter seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:topmark:shape=x-shape Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q60 Seaplane anchorage buoy seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q61 Buoy marking traffic separation scheme Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q62 INT-1-Q-62.png Buoy marking recreation zone seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q70 INT-1-Q-70.png Buoy privately maintained Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q71 INT-1-Q-71.a.png INT-1-Q-71.b.png Temporary buoy Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q80 INT-1-Q-80.a.png


Beacon in general man_made=beacon or seamark=beacon or landmark=beacon or airmark=beacon - seamark:type=beacon_lateral / seamark:type=beacon_cardinal / seamark:type=beacon_isolated_danger / seamark:type=beacon_safe_water / seamark:type=beacon_special_purpose OpenSeaMap/Beacon Data Model, Proposed features/day beacon, Proposed features/marine-tagging, Marine navigation, Proposed features/aeroway obstacle, Proposed features/Airports
Q81 INT-1-Q-81.png Beacon with color, no distinctive topmark seamark:beacon_lateral:colour=* / seamark:beacon_cardinal:colour=* / seamark:beacon_isolated_danger:colour=black;red;black / seamark:beacon_safe_water:colour=red;white / seamark:beacon_special_purpose:colour=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q82 INT-1-Q-82.png Beacon with color and topmarks As Q80 and Q81 + seamark:topmark:colour=* + seamark:topmark:shape=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q83 INT-1-Q-83.a.png INT-1-Q-83.b.png Beacon on submerged rock (topmarks as appropriate) As Q80 on K13 Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q90 INT-1-Q-90.png Pole seamark:beacon_lateral:shape=pole / seamark:beacon_special_purpose:shape=pole Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q91 INT-1-Q-91.png Perch seamark:beacon_lateral:shape=perch Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q92 Withy seamark:beacon_lateral:shape=withy Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q100 INT-1-Q-100.png Cairns man_made=cairn + landmark=cairn / seamark:beacon_special_purpose:shape=cairn Proposed features/Cairn, Openseamap/Beacon Data Model, Proposed features/marine-tagging, Proposed features/sea mark
Q101 INT-1-Q-101.png Colored or White marks seamark:type=daymark + seamark:daymark:colour=* + seamark:daymark:shape=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q102.1 INT-1-Q-102.1.a.png
Coloured topmark (color known or unknown) with function of a beacon seamark:topmark:colour=* Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q102.2 INT-1-Q-102.2.png Painted boards with functions of leading beacons seamark:topmark:shape=board Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q110 INT-1-Q-110.png Beacon Tower seamark:beacon_lateral:shape=tower / seamark:beacon_cardinal:shape=tower / seamark:beacon_isolated_danger:shape=tower / seamark:beacon_safe_water:shape=tower / seamark:beacon_special_purpose:shape=tower Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q111 INT-1-Q-111.png Lattice Beacon seamark:beacon_lateral:shape=tower / seamark:beacon_cardinal:shape=tower / seamark:beacon_isolated_danger:shape=tower / seamark:beacon_safe_water:shape=tower / seamark:beacon_special_purpose:shape=tower Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q120 INT-1-Q-120.png Leading beacons way seamark:type=navigation_line Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q121 INT-1-Q-121.png Beacons marking a clearing line way seamark:type=navigation_line Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q122 INT-1-Q-122.png Beacons marking measured distances with quoted bearings Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q123 INT-1-Q-123.png Cable Landing Beacon seamark:beacon_special_purpose:category=cable Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q124 INT-1-Q-124.a.png INT-1-Q-124.b.png Refuge Beacon Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q125 Firing Practice area Beacons seamark:beacon_special_purpose:category=warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
Q126 NB
Notice Board seamark:beacon_special_purpose:category=notice Proposed features/marine-tagging
Lateral system Region A
Lateral Marks are generally for well defined channels. There are two international buoyage regions - A and B - where Lateral marks differ

seamark:type=buoy_lateral + seamark:buoy_lateral:colour=red/green + seamark:buoy_lateral:shape=* + seamark:topmark:colour=red/green + seamark:topmark:shape=cylinder/cone, point up + seamark:buoy_lateral:system=iala-a/iala-b + seamark:buoy_lateral:category=* + seamark:light:colour=red/green

Lateral system Region B

seamark:type=beacon_lateral + seamark:beacon_lateral:colour=red/green + (seamark:beacon_lateral:shape=*) + seamark:topmark:colour=red/green + seamark:topmark:shape=cylinder/cone, point up + seamark:beacon_lateral:system=iala-a/iala-b + seamark:beacon_lateral:category=* + seamark:light:colour=red/green

Q130.2 Signal for direction of buoyage
Cardinal mark diagram.svg
Cardinal Marks indicating navigable water to the named side of the mark. Cardinal marks have the same meaning in Region A and B.

seamark:type=buoy_cardinal + seamark:buoy_cardinal:category=north/east/south/west + seamark:buoy_cardinal:shape=* + seamark:topmark:colour=black seamark:topmark:shape=* + seamark:light:colour=white + seamark:buoy_cardinal:colour_pattern=horizontal + seamark:buoy_cardinal:colour=*

seamark:type=beacon_cardinal + seamark:beacon_cardinal:category=north/east/south/west + seamark:beacon_cardinal:shape=* + seamark:topmark:colour=black seamark:topmark:shape=* + seamark:light:colour=white + seamark:beacon_cardinal:colour_pattern=horizontal + seamark:beacon_cardinal:colour=*

Note: Cardinal marks always have topmarks, and always have the same colour combinations. Light characteristics can vary some (Fl, Q, VQ or UQ), but group combinations are always the same. Cardinal marks might be lit or unlit.

IALA isolated danger.png
Isolated Danger Marks, stationed over dangers with navigable water around them.

seamark:type=buoy_isolated_danger + seamark:buoy_isolated_danger:shape=* + seamark:buoy_isolated_danger:colour=black;red;black + seamark:buoy_isolated_danger:colour_pattern=horizontal + seamark:topmark:shape=2 spheres + seamark:topmark:colour=black + seamark:light:colour=*

seamark:type=beacon_isolated_danger + seamark:beacon_isolated_danger:shape=* + seamark:beacon_isolated_danger:colour=black;red;black + seamark:beacon_isolated_danger:colour_pattern=horizontal + seamark:topmark:shape=2 spheres + seamark:topmark:colour=black + seamark:light:colour=white

IALA safe water.png
Safe Water Marks, such as mid-channel and landfall marks

seamark:type=buoy_safe_water + seamark:buoy_safe_water:colour=red;white + seamark:buoy_safe_water:colour_pattern=vertical + seamark:topmark:shape=sphere + seamark:topmark:colour=red + seamark:light:colour=white

seamark:type=beacon_safe_water + seamark:beacon_safe_water:colour=red;white + seamark:beacon_safe_water:colour_pattern=vertical + seamark:topmark:shape=sphere + seamark:topmark:colour=red + seamark:light:colour=white

IALA specjal mark.png
Special Marks, not primarily to assist navigation but to indicate special features

seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:buoy_special_purpose:shape=* + seamark:buoy_special_purpose:colour=yellow + seamark:buoy_special_purpose:category=* + seamark:topmark:shape=x-shape + seamark:topmark:colour=* + seamark:light:colour=*

seamark:type=beacon_special_purpose + seamark:beacon_special_purpose:shape=* + seamark:beacon_special_purpose:colour=yellow + seamark:beacon_special_purpose:category=* + seamark:topmark:shape=x-shape + seamark:topmark:colour=* + seamark:light:colour=*

Epave urgence.png
Emergency wreck buoy [1] (fr)

is under consideration by IALA to be implemented, but currently under testing (thus no INT-1 code).
Its purpose is to mark temporary dangers to navigation, such as new ship wrecks in high density traffic areas. The need of a special mark like this was highlighted after the Tricolor accident in English channel, where even if marked with not less than 5 Cardinal buoys, and guarded by a dedicated guard vessel, no less than 3 other ships collided with the semi-submersed wreck.
seamark:type=buoy_special_purpose + seamark:buoy_special_purpose:colour=yellow;blue + seamark:buoy_special_purpose:colour_pattern=vertical + seamark:name=* + seamark:topmark:colour=yellow + seamark:topmark:shape=upright-cross
seamark:light:colour=yellow;blue + seamark:light:character=Al

Flag of Norway.svgQa NO-Q-a.png Distance to rand of channel border
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgQa/Qb/Qc national symbols for beacons, daymarks non-IALA seamark:type=beacon_special_purpose
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgQd INT-1-Q-b.png Racing mark seamark:buoy_special_purpose:category=racing
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgQe Beacon that does not conform with the IALA system

R: Fog Signals
R1 INT-1-R-1.png Audible Fog Signal seamark:fog_signal=yes Proposed features/marine-tagging
R10 Explos Explosive seamark:fog_signal:category=explosive Proposed features/marine-tagging
R11 Dia Diaphone seamark:fog_signal:category=diaphone Proposed features/marine-tagging
R12 Siren Siren seamark:fog_signal:category=siren Proposed features/marine-tagging
R13 Horn Horn seamark:fog_signal:category=horn Proposed features/marine-tagging
R14 Bell Bell seamark:fog_signal:category=bell Proposed features/marine-tagging
R15 Whis Whistle seamark:fog_signal:category=whistle Proposed features/marine-tagging
R16 Gong Gong seamark:fog_signal:category=gong Proposed features/marine-tagging
R20 INT-1-R-20.png Siren at a lighthouse, giving a long blast followed by a short one (N), repeated every 60 second man_made=lighthouse + seamark:type=light_major + seamark:fog_signal:category=siren + seamark:fog_signal:group=N + seamark:fog_signal:period=60 Proposed features/marine-tagging
R21 INT-1-R-21.png Wave-actuated bell buoy seamark:type=buoy_cardinal + seamark:fog_signal:category=bell + seamark:fog_signal:status=wave_activated Proposed features/marine-tagging
R22 INT-1-R-22.png Light buoy with a horn giving a single blast every 15 seconds seamark:type=buoy_cardinal + seamark:fog_signal:category=horn + seamark:fog_signal:period=15 Proposed features/marine-tagging
Flag of France.svgRa Fog Gun seamark:fog_signal:category=gun Proposed features/marine-tagging
S: Electronic Position-Fixing Systems
S1 INT-1-S-1.png Coast radar station, providing range and bearing service on request amenity=coast_radar_station? seamark:type=radar_station
S2 INT-1-S-2.png Ramark, radar beacon transmitting continuosly seamark:radar_transponder:category=ramark
S3.1 INT-1-S-3.1.png Radar transponder beacon, with morse identification, responding within the 3-cm(X)-band seamark:radar_transponder:category=racon + seamark:radar_transponder:group=* + radar_transponder:band=X
S3.2 INT-1-S-3.2.png Radar transponder beacon, with morse identification, responding with 10cm(S)-band with limit seamark:radar_transponder:category=racon + seamark:radar_transponder:group=* + radar_transponder:band=S
S3.3 INT-1-S-3.3.png Radar transponder beacon, with morse identification seamark:radar_transponder:category=racon + seamark:radar_transponder:group=*
S3.4 INT-1-S-3.4.a.png INT-1-S-3.4.b.png radar transponder beacon with seactor (of obscured) reception seamark:radar_transponder:category=racon + seamark:radar_transponder:group=* + seamark:radar_transponder:sector_start=* + seamark:radar_transponder:sector_end=*
S3.5 INT-1-S-3.5.a.png INT-1-S-3.5.b.png leading radar transponder beacons radar_transponder=leading relation seamark:type=navigation_line
S3.6 INT-1-S-3.6.a.png INT-1-S-3.6.b.png floating marks with radar transponder beacons radar_transponder=*
S4 INT-1-S-4.png radar reflector seamark:radar_reflector=yes
S5 INT-1-S-5.png Radar-conspicious feature radar_conspicious=yes or seamark:conspicuity=conspicuous
S10 INT-1-S-10.png Circular (non-directional) marine or aeromarine radiobeacon radio_transponder:category=circular or seamark:radio_station:category=beacon_circular
S11 INT-1-S-11.a.png INT-1-S-11.b.png directional radiobeacon radio_transponder:category=directional or seamark:radio_station:category=beacon_directional
S12 INT-1-S-12.png rotating-pattern radiobeacon radio_transponder:category=rotating_pattern or seamark:radio_station:category=beacon_rotating
S13 INT-1-S-13.png Consol beacon radio_transponder:category=consol or seamark:radio_station:category=beacon_consol
S14 INT-1-S-14.png radio direction-finding station radio_transponder:category=direction_finding or seamark:radio_station:category=direction_finding
S15 INT-1-S-15.png coast radio station providing QTG service radio_transponder:category=coast_radio or seamark:radio_station:category=qtg_services
S16 INT-1-S-16.png aeronautical radiobeacon radio_transponder:category=aeronautical or seamark:radio_station:category=beacon_aero
S17.1 INT-1-S-17.1.png Automatic Identification System transmitter radio_transponder:AIS=yes
S17.2 INT-1-S-17.2.a.png INT-1-S-17.2.b.png Automatic Identification System transmitter radio_transponder:AIS=yes
World Geodetic System, 1972, 1984 This should not be tagged as all OSM data is WGS84
S51 INT-1-S-51.png DGPS Correction Transmitter man_made=monitoring_station with monitoring:gps=yes/no and/or monitoring:glonass=yes/no (future also monitoring:galileo=yes/no) and DGPS_correction=yes and radio_transponder:signal_frequency=283-325kHz or frequency=283-325kHz or seamark:radio_station:category=dgps
T: Services
T1.1 INT-1-T-1.1.png Position of pilot boarding place pilotage=boarding_point or seamark:type=pilot_boarding Proposed features/marine-tagging
T1.2 INT-1-T-1.2.png Position of pilot boarding place, Named pilotage=boarding_point + name=* or seamark:type=pilot_boarding Proposed features/marine-tagging
T1.3 INT-1-T-1.3.png Position of pilot boarding place with Note pilotage=boarding_point + note:pilotage=* or seamark:type=pilot_boarding Proposed features/marine-tagging
T1.4 INT-1-T-1.4.png Position of pilot boarding place, Reference pilotage=boarding_point + ref=* + seamark:type=pilot_boarding Proposed features/marine-tagging
T2 INT-1-T-2.png Pilot Station with Pilot Lookout building=yes or building=civic or building=office with office=administrative Proposed features/marine-tagging
T3 INT-1-T-3.png Pilot Office building=yes or building=civic or building=office with office=administrative Proposed features/marine-tagging
T4 INT-1-T-4.png Port which is known for pilotage pilotage=yes Proposed features/marine-tagging
T10 INT-1-T-10.a1.png INT-1-T-10.a2.png INT-1-T-10.a3.png INT-1-T-10.b.png Coastguard Station amenity=coast_guard or emergency=coast_guard Proposed features/coast guard
T11 INT-1-T-11.a1.png INT-1-T-11.a2.png INT-1-T-11.a3.png INT-1-T-11.b.png Combined Coastguard and Rescue Station amenity=coast_guard or emergency=coast_guard seamark:type=rescue_station Proposed features/coast guard Proposed features/Emergency services
T12 INT-1-T-12.png Rescue Station emergency=water_rescue_station seamark:type=rescue_station Proposed features/Emergency services
T13 INT-1-T-13.a.png INT-1-T-13.b.png Lifeboat mooring amenity=lifeboat_station or emergency=lifeboat_station seamark:type=rescue_station Proposed features/Lifeboat
T14 Ref Refuge for shipwrecked mariners emergency=marine_refuge? Proposed features/marine-tagging
T20 INT-1-T-20.png Signal Station signal_station=yes or seamark:type=signal_station_traffic / seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
T21 INT-1-T-21.png Signal Station showing International Port Traffic Signals signal_station=international_port_traffic seamark:type=signal_station_traffic Proposed features/marine-tagging
T22 INT-1-T-22.png Traffic Signal Station signal_station=traffic seamark:type=signal_station_traffic Proposed features/marine-tagging
T23 INT-1-T-23.png Port Control Signal Station signal_station=control Proposed features/marine-tagging
T24 INT-1-T-24.png Lock, dock and berthing signals signal_station=lock Proposed features/marine-tagging
T25.1 INT-1-T-25.1.png Bridge Signals signal_station=bridge Proposed features/marine-tagging
T25.2 INT-1-T-25.2.png Bridge Signals including traffic signals signal_station=bridge Proposed features/marine-tagging
T26 INT-1-T-26.png Distress Signal Station signal_station=distress Proposed features/marine-tagging
T27 INT-1-T-27.png Telegraph Station signal_station=telegraph Proposed features/marine-tagging
T28 INT-1-T-28.png Storm Signal Station signal_station=storm seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
T29 INT-1-T-29.png Weather Signal Station / Wind Signal Station signal_station=weather seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
T30 INT-1-T-30.png Ice Signal Station signal_station=ice seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
T31 INT-1-T-31.png Time Signal Station signal_station=time Proposed features/marine-tagging
T32.1 INT-1-T-32.1.a.png INT-1-T-32.1.b.png Tide Scale signal_station=tide_scale seamark:type=waterway_gauge Proposed features/marine-tagging
T32.2 INT-1-T-32.2.png automatically recording tide gauge signal_station=tide_gauge seamark:type=waterway_gauge Proposed features/marine-tagging
T33 INT-1-T-33.png Tidal Signal Station signal_station=tide seamark:type=waterway_gauge Proposed features/marine-tagging
T34 Tidal Stream Signal Station signal_station=stream Proposed features/marine-tagging
T35 INT-1-T-35.png Danger Signal Station signal_station=danger seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
T36 Firing Practice Signal Station signal_station=firing seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
Flag of Brazil.svgTa BR-T-a.png Emergency Telephone emergency=phone
Flag of Brazil.svgTb BR-T-b.png Signal Mast man_made=mast on signal_station=*
Flag of Brazil.svgTc INT-1-T-a.png Naval Signal Station signal_station=* + military=*?

U: Small Craft (Leisure) Facilities
U1.1 NChart-Symbol INT Marina.svg Marina leisure=marina + harbour:category=marina or harbour=marina

seamark:type=harbour + seamark:harbour:category=marina + seamark:name=*

U1.2 U1.2.svg Yacht berth without facilities man_made=pier

seamark:type=harbour + seamark:harbour:category=marina_no_facilities + seamark:name=*

U2 INT-1-U2.svg Visitor's berth man_made=pier seamark:type=berth

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=visitor_berth

U3 INT1-U3.svg Visitor's mooring mooring=visitor or mooring=guest or seamark:type=mooring

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=visitors_mooring

U4 INT1-U4.svg Yacht Club, Sailing Club leisure=sailing_club or amenity=yacht_club

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=nautical_club

Proposed features/marine-tagging
U5 INT1-U5.svg Slipway leisure=slipway and harbour=slipway|

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=slipway

U6 INT1-U6.svg Boat hoist waterway=boat_lift

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=boat_hoist

U7 INT1-U7.svg Public Landing, Steps, Ladder highway=steps
U8 INT1-U8.svg Sailmaker craft=sailmaker Proposed features/Craft Proposed features/marine-tagging
U9 INT1-U9.svg Boatyard waterway=boatyard or seamark:small_craft_facility:category=boatyard
U10 INT1-U10.svg Public House, Inn tourism=guest_house, tourism=hostel, amenity=pub
U11 INT1-U11.svg Restaurant amenity=restaurant
U12 INT1-U12.svg Chandler shop=chandler / shop=ship_chandler

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=chandler

Marine Mapping
U13 INT1-U13.svg Provisions shop=supermarket, shop=convenience, shop=general, shop=greengrocer
U14 INT1-U14b.svg Bank, Exchange Office amenity=bank or amenity=bureau_de_change
U15 INT1-U15.svg Physician, Doctor amenity=doctors Proposed features/Doctor healthcare=* Proposed features/Healthcare 2.0
U16 INT1-U16.svg Pharmacy, Chemist amenity=pharmacy or shop=chemist
U17 INT1-U17.svg INT1-U17 br.svg INT1-U17 br 2.svg Water Tap amenity=drinking_water or waterway=water_point or man_made=water_well

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=water_tap

U18 INT1-U18.svg INT1-U18 br.svg INT1-U18 br 2.svg INT1-U18 no.svg Fuel Station amenity=fuel or harbour=fuel

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=fuel_station

U19 INT1-U19.svg Electricity seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=electricity
U20 INT1-U20.svg Bottle Gas shop=gas
U21 INT1-U21.svg Showers amenity=shower / amenity=public_bath

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=showers

U22 INT1-U22.svg Laundrette shop=laundry or shop=dry_cleaning

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=laundrette

U23 INT1-U23.svg INT1-U23 no.svg Public Toilet amenity=toilets

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=toilets

U24 INT1-U24.svg Post Box amenity=post_box
U25 INT1-U25.svg Public Telephone amenity=telephone
U26 INT1-U26.svg INT1-U26 ca.svg INT1-U26 no.svg Refuse Bin amenity=waste_basket or amenity=recycling or amenity=waste_disposal or amenity=waste_transfer_station
U27 INT1-U27.svg INT1-U27 br.svg Public Car Park amenity=parking
U28 INT1-U28.svg Parking for boats and trailers amenity=parking?
U29 INT1-U30.svg INT1-U29.svg Caravan site tourism=caravan_site
U30 INT1-U30.svg INT1-U30 br.svg INT1-U30 ca.svg INT1-U30 no.svg INT1-U30 us.svg Camping Site tourism=camp_site
U31 INT1-U31.svg Water Police amenity=police + police=water_police

Marine Facilities


seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=* + seamark:small_craft_facility:name=*

Flag of Norway.svgUa Ua no.svg Bathing Place natural=beach/leisure=bathing_place
Flag of Canada.svgUa Ua ca.svg Picnic leisure=picnic_table / leisure=picnic_site / leisure=picnic / leisure=bbq
Flag of Norway.svgUb Ub no.svg Bird Sanctuary leisure=nature_reserve?
Flag of Norway.svgUc Uc no.svg Hotel tourism=hotel

V: National Index of Abriviations

This section have no tags or references in it, and must be generated per language

W: International Index of Abriviations

This section have no tags or references in it

X: General Index

This section have no tags or references in it

Color map

The colors in the table is advisory. The INT-1 convention doesn't really instruct in use of any specific color. As an example, the magenta used in Singaporian maps are closer to slate blue. I have focused here on finding names/defined colors as close to the most commonly used colors. The most important is the readability of the map. These colors reffers also to paper charts, ECDIS displays might deviate from this, specially when placed in any other modes than Day Display.

About the values in the table:

  • The HEX column represent the hex triplet of the color, most modern graphic editing software and style sheets can interpret these values directly.
  • The RGB values are entered in this form: rgb(red,green,blue). I am on purpose not using rgba(red,green,blue,alpha) as all colors in this style should be considered solid, though some symbols, the creater of the style sheets might decide upon different alpha value (semi-transparent). Values in the range 0-255.
  • The RGB% is the same as RGB, though the values are given in por cent. A value of 0 will give 0%, while a value of 255 will give 100%.
  • The MapCSS column is the RGB% value written as decimal number. This is the way preferred by the developers of MapCSS, specially as it allows for adding alpha value in the same argument.
  • The HSL column shows the color as Hue,Saturation,Light values. Some graphic editing software allows you to enter these values directly, and give you a different approach to altering the color. It is much easier with this approach to lighten or darken a color without altering the tint. HSL is supported from CSS3, but to my knowledge still not in MapCSS.
  • The W3C column is the name coresponding to the color as used in web CSS and HTML, and not directly ment neither for MapCSS nor SVG creation
  • The X11/SVG column is the name coresponding to the color as used by X11 and SVG. This is the names recognized by graphic software, as well as used by SVG, and therefor can be used in scripting of SVG files if bulk change of color is desired
  • The Comments column have comments explaining any differences in names, or containing the background color derived from scans of printed documents with various types of seamarks.
Category HEX RGB RGB% MapCSS HSL W3C X11/SVG Comments
Buildings #b8860b rgb(184,134,11) rgb(72%,53%,4%); rgb(0.72,0.53,0.04) hsl(43,89%,38%) darkgoldenrod darkgoldenrod
Buildings #000000 rgb(0,0,0) rgb(0%,0%,0%) rgb(0.00,0.00,0.00) hsl(0,0%,0%) black black
Urban Areas #b8860b rgb(184,134,11) rgb(72%,53%,4%); rgb(0.72,0.53,0.04) hsl(43,89%,38%) darkgoldenrod darkgoldenrod
Land #ffdead rgb(255, 222, 173) rgb(100%,87%,68%) rgb(1.00,0.87,0.68) hsl(36,100%,84%) navajowhite navajowhite
Tidal Zone ##8fbc8f rgb(143, 188, 143) rgb(56%,74%,56%) rgb(0.56,0.74,0.56) hsl(120,25%,65%) darkseagreen darkseagreen
Shallow Water #87ceeb rgb(135,206,235) rgb(53%,81%,92%) rgb(0.53,0.81,0.92) hsl(197,71%,73%) skyblue skyblue
Medium Water #f0f8ff rgb(240,248,255) rgb(94%,97%,100%) rgb(0.94,0.97,1.00) hsl(208,100%,97%) aliceblue aliceblue
Deep Water #add8e6 rgb(173,216,230) rgb(68%,85%,90%) rgb(0.68,0.85,0.90) hsl(195,53%,79%) lightblue lightblue
Deeper Water #ffffff rgb(255,255,255) rgb(100%,100%,100%) rgb(1.00,1.00,1.00) hsl(0,0%,100%) white white
General Symbols #000000 rgb(0,0,0) rgb(0%,0%,0%) rgb(0.00,0.00,0.00) hsl(0,0%,0%) black black
Amenities #8b008b rgb(139,0,139) rgb(55%,0%,55%) rgb(0.55,0.00,0.55) hsl(300,100%,27%) darkmagenta darkmagenta
Services #8b008b rgb(139,0,139) rgb(55%,0%,55%) rgb(0.55,0.00,0.55) hsl(300,100%,27%) darkmagenta darkmagenta
Special #008b8b rgb(0,139,139) rgb(0%,55%,55%) rgb(0.00,0.55,0.55) hsl(180,100%,27%) darkcyan darkcyan
Artificial Islands #ffff00 rgb(255,255,0) rgb(100%,100%,0%) rgb(1.00,1.00,0.00) hsl(60,100%,50%) yellow yellow
Light: Magenta #8b008b rgb(139,0,139) rgb(55%,0%,55%) rgb(0.55,0.00,0.55) hsl(300,100%,27%) darkmagenta darkmagenta
Light: Yellow #ffff00 rgb(255,255,0) rgb(100%,100%,0%) rgb(1.00,1.00,0.00) hsl(60,100%,50%) yellow yellow
Light: Green #00ff00 rgb(0,255,0) rgb(0%,100%,0%) rgb(0.00,1.00,0.00) hsl(120,100%,50%) lime green green is #008000 in W2C while #00FF00 is called lime
Light: Red #ff0000 rgb(255,0,0) rgb(100%,0%,0%) rgb(1.00,0.00,0.00) hsl(0,100%,50%) red red
Border: Magenta #8b008b rgb(139,0,139) rgb(55%,0%,55%) rgb(0.55,0.00,0.55) hsl(300,100%,27%) darkmagenta darkmagenta
Border: Magenta (shading) #d8bfd8 rgb(216,191,216) rgb(85%,75%,85%) rgb(0.85,0.75,0.85) hsl(300,24%,80%) thistle thistle
Border: Green #228b22 rgb(34,139,34) rgb(13%,55%,13%) rgb(0.13,0.55,0.13) hsl(120,61%,34%) forestgreen forestgreen
Border: Green (shading) #c1e8cd rgb(193,232,205) rgb(75%,90%,80%) rgb(0.75,0.90,0.80) darkseagreen darkseagreen darkseagreen Currently closest match
Border: Gray #000000 rgb(0,0,0) rgb(0%,0%,0%) rgb(0.00,0.00,0.00) hsl(0,0%,0%) black black
Border: Gray (shading) #d3d3d3 rgb(211,211,211) rgb(82%,82%,82%) rgb(0.82,0.82,0.82) hsl(0,0%,83%) lightgray lightgray
Text: Black #000000 rgb(0,0,0) rgb(0%,0%,0%) rgb(0.00,0.00,0.00) hsl(0,0%,0%) black black
Text: Magenta #8b008b rgb(139,0,139) rgb(55%,0%,55%) rgb(0.55,0.00,0.55) hsl(300,100%,27%) darkmagenta darkmagenta
Text: Green #228b22 rgb(34,139,34) rgb(13%,55%,13%) rgb(0.13,0.55,0.13) hsl(120,61%,34%) forestgreen forestgreen
Text: Red #ff0000 rgb(255,0,0) rgb(100%,0%,0%) rgb(1.00,0.00,0.00) hsl(0,0%,50%) red red

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