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Group: Marine navigation
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysmay be used on areasshould not be used on relations
Documented values: 8
Status: de facto

The Function attribute is used for both landmarks and buildings. These tags may be used in place of or in combination with Category tags. The effect of particular combinations is shown in this table. Only those function values relevant to landmarks are listed here.


Function (FUNCTN) seamark:landmark:function Definition +seamark:landmark:category Rendering
Church church A building for public Christian worship. - ChurchSM.png
church tower ChurchTowerSM.png
church spire ChurchSpireSM.png
church dome ChurchDomeSM.png
Chapel chapel A place for Christian worship other than a parish, cathedral or church, especially one attached to a private house or institution. - ChurchSM.png
Temple temple A building for public Jewish worship. - TempleSM.png
Pagoda pagoda A Hindu or Buddhist temple or sacred building. - TempleSM.png
Shinto shrine shinto_shrine A building for public Shinto worship. - TempleSM.png
Buddhist temple buddhist_temple A Buddhist temple or sacred building. - TempleSM.png
Mosque mosque A Muslim place of worship. - MinaretSM.png
Marabout marabout A shrine marking the burial place of a Muslim holy man. - SpireSM.png
Communication communication Transmitting and/or receiving electronic communication signals. mast RadioMast.png
Radio radio Broadcast of radio signals. mast RadioMast.png
Radar radar A method, system or technique of using beamed, reflected, and timed radio waves for detecting, locating, or tracking objects, and for measuring altitudes. mast RadioMast.png
Television television Broadcast of television signals. mast RadioMast.png

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