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Use amenity=doctors in stead. See Talk:Tag:amenity=doctors#amenity=doctor should be merged here why.

Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Emj
Tagging: amenity=doctor
Applies to: node/area
Definition: a place you can go to get medical attention or do a check up

Draft started:
Proposed on: 2008-09-06
RFC start: 2008-09-06


Doctor is a place you can go to get medical attention or do a check up. These go from a single doctors office to larger establishments, please tag the size of the office in some way.

Here there is the Wikipedia page [1]

There is a new proposal on the way covering more aspects of healthcare: Proposed features/Healthcare


Icon Details and credits
RodOfAsclepius.svg Slightly caligraphic rod of Asclepius by achadwick, in Mapnik's colour for its hospital icon. That can be changed, of course. Does it need to be more geometric?
[[Image:Doctor_large.png]] (removed due to lack of declaration of copyright status) Larger version of the rod of Asclepius currently being used by JOSM, for comparison (from SVN).
Medical doctor noemergency nobeds.png (Old) stethoscope icon by Sergionaranja.
Medical hospital emergency beds.png Medical clinic emergency nobeds.png Medical hospitalclinic noemergency beds.png Medical doctor noemergency nobeds.png (Old) variations on a theme by Sergionaranja.
Doctor surgery.png (Old) green version of the hospital icon, by Batchoy.
GCR MEDI DOCTR.png (Old) Batchoy's tweaked colour version.


Please use the talk page.

Doctor is an academic title.

A professional healthcare expert is called

  • medic
  • paramedic
  • healer
  • midwife
  • physiotherapist
  • practitioner


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Similar expressions

  • Possibilities for the key
    • medical, medicine (qualified medical professionals only?)
    • healthcare (covers more: opticians, for example)
  • Possibilities for values
    • health center, health centre
    • surgery, GP's surgery
    • clinic, polyclinic
    • *ist (several Greek-derived terms for medical specialist)
  • Possibilities for either
    • physician, doctor, gp, arzt