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OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
Bike Achadwick
is a bicyclist.
Sinnbild PKW.svg Achadwick is a motorist.
JOSM Achadwick submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
No Wikifiddling Achadwick
ignores tag voting procedures.
Go Do Some Mapping Achadwick
prefers to go outside and map.

I support the license
upgrade to ODbL v 1.0


No Wikifiddling.png
Go Do Some Mapping.png

I am going to ignore the endless
rounds of proposals and voting
procedures. Instead, I will use
Taginfo and similar
tools to actually do some
productive mapping.


Currently residing in Oxford. If you need to yell at me about something, you can contact me at

  • Email: a (full stop) t (dot) chadwick (whirlpool) gmail (little speck) com
  • IRC: achadwick on #osm
  • Twitter: achadwick
  • Or leave me a message on the discussion tab here.

Currently wikifiddling

Nasty habit. I shouldn't really. Far better to get out and map, but sometimes people are wrong on the internet.

Mapping style

Currently mapping

In no particular order.

  • Cycle-specific things and POIs in the centre of Oxford; also trying to improve routing data there.
  • Towns and villages around Oxford.
    • Recently sorted: big chunks of Carterton
    • On the horizon: Bicester again (after the ODbL change)


lol, "folder"

Getting around by: bicycle. Fast enough for mapping roads in town, plus you can park easily and go places you wouldn't be able to go by car. Just taken delivery of a lovely Dahon folding bike which should allow me to take the bike with me to more places by bus or rail.

Making tracks with: My phone, a camera, and a tiny little MTK-based GPS logger made by Blumax with a ginormously long record history and battery life. For editing on the go I use an Asus EeePC 901 running Ubuntu. It's tiny enough to fit in a small bike bag, more than capable of running JOSM, and has hours of lovely battery life.

For detailed mapping on foot: Osm2go for the N810 is a really neat tool for dropping in POIs and doing the detailed mapping stuff that can be missed even with a photo-mapping style. On Android I tend to use either OSMtracker (Android) or Vespucci as the mood takes me.

Editing maps with: JOSM mostly - I like the features, and I'm OK with the clunkiness. The built-in photo loading and timestamp association makes my style of photo note-taking a breeze. Still trying to like Potlatch.