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GP Surgery
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: David.earl
Tagging: amenity=doctors
Applies to: node
Definition: A small, general or family medical practice with no more than a handful of medical practitioners and other staff. They may prescribe drugs or perform minor surgeries, and sometimes form an emergency point of call.

Rendered as: Doctors.png or Doctor surgery.png

It's quite hard to think of a symbol for this which works small enough, but how about this:


which looks like this small:


(I tried the small one on my wife and she recognised it straight away).

User:David.earl October 14, 2006

I agree with the need for the doctor feature, but would like to suggest an alternative icon namely:

Doctor surgery.png

The icons are a part of a complete healthcare set that I am proposing. Refer: Proposed Features/Hospital:Emergency and Proposed Features/Clinic Medical

-- Batchoy 18 November 2006

Could someone please explain what "GP surgery" stands for and for which places it should be used? I am from Germany and have no idea what this tag should be used for. I am confused by what I see on this page so far. A dentist normal does not do surgery, neither does a normal doctor. A few examples would be good. RalfZ 12:54, 31 August 2007 (BST)

Hi Ralf, I suppose "GP surgery" is a quirk of the English language. This tag value isn't for people who perform major surgery, it's for a general practitioner, a family doctor if you like. TomChance 16:21, 31 August 2007 (BST)
OK, I see the title of the page is somewhat misleading. I see a lot of approvals on the bottom of this page. But which tag and which use is actually being proposed? Or are you only proposing an icon? Maybe someone could state that on this page before we get more approvals? Sorry for being picky - but I think people should know what they are voting for ;-) Can someone please put some details to this proposal? RalfZ 21:26, 31 August 2007 (BST)


I'll vote against this, see why : [1] --Bartv 08:08, 29 November 2006 (UTC)

  • I approve this proposal. MikeCollinson 04:09, 1 December 2006 (UTC) I've been using amenity=doctor. I slightly prefer using the singular for conformance with other values and as there may be one doctor or many.
  • I approve, but as above doctor would conform to the current set more but then more than one doctor is often present at a surgery. Ksbrowntalk 19:57, 6 March 2007 (UTC)
  • I approve this proposal as well, but wouldn't it make sense to have a further distinguision, at least between doctor and dentist? --SlowRider 11:47, 15 April 2007 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal, it doesn't rule out a dentist value. TomChance 15:54, 15 April 2007 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal (having already used it in the 'user-defined' sense several times); Can I declare a slight interest ie being one... --MarkW 09:42, 22 August 2007 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal - amenity=doctor should probably be used. --Thomas Wood 01:25, 31 August 2007 (BST)
  • approve with caveat - What about places where the local doctor is the de-facto emergency medical contact?, (e.g Parts of Scotland, Isolated Islands etc..)ShakespeareFan00 23:21, 22 October 2007 (BST)
  • Abstain for now, because voting has not formally opened. I prefer the singular form to the plural/posessive (but noting that Osmarender is now rendering amenity=doctors with a Doctor surgery.png. We should propose amenity=dentist separately. --achadwick 17:53, 20 June 2008 (UTC)
  • I'll vote against this proposal. I guess, we need a key for all healthcare professions with a medical practice. The value should be the name of the profession or the medical speciality like dentist, children's specialist, orthopaedics, psychiatrist, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and all the others. And there should be the possibility to mark a common medical practice or health center with the different specialists who works there. And another important thing for foreigners is a doctor who can talk in their own language. --René Falk 18:25, 11 July 2008 (UTC)
Voting isn't open yet, so I hope you'll reconsider. An amenity=doctors doesn't preclude the ability to tag other types of health professional. Let's keep the proposal simple. As for a common medical centre or health centre with multiple specialities, see the Proposed_features/Clinic_(Medical) proposal. Considering languages spoken: I think that's a more general issue, and should be raised separately. --achadwick 01:22, 13 July 2008 (UTC)
René Falk so I guess you mean this: If it is Dentist, then something like doctor=dentist, right? If it is a orthopedist doctor=orthopedist? Anything like this? Regards, logictheo 15:45, 7 August 2010 (BST)
Yeah, that's right. The service of a GP Surgery is defined by the NHS, so it's a national specialty and worldwide not the same. We should make a difference between a doctors office and his function in the local NHS. In my mind, we need international tags for healthcare professions and national tags for the function inside the NHS to solve this correctly. Something like HC_profession=doctor (HC for HealthCare) with medical_specialty=GP and NHS_function=GP_Surgery for example. There are also doctor offices only for private patients outside a NHS, may be tagged as NHS_function=none_only_privat. René Falk 17:20, 8 August 2010 (BST)


I would suggest that something like 'health centre' might encompass this and Proposed_features/Clinic (Medical), as well as things like dentists and mental health centres. Perhaps like the sport tag, you could have amenity=health_centre and then service=gp,dentist,mental_health etc.

Related comments in Proposed_features/Clinic (Medical)#Opinion --LeedsTracker 12:31, 14 September 2007 (BST)