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Märkning(nyckel=värde), tags, i Sverige:

There are a lot of things to tag. Some less tagged means uncertainty on which tags to use which should become less of an issue the more things that get tagged --> WikiProject_Greece/Taglist

3D byggnader samt mer! Exempel: Bestäm olika färger också!

färger mm

How I tag or How my tagging is currently

For easy and quick reference = How I am mapping at the moment + my improvements after working with surveyed areas.

  • shop=point_of_sale The point at which you pay for a service. Ie the point/points where you pay for entrance to a swimming pool. Punkt eller punkter där man betalar för vara eller tjänst.
  • office=employment_agency Arbetsförmedlingen.
    • The Employment agency "Arbetsförmedlingen Täby" has different opening hours dependent on what service they provide: Different hours regarding if the service is self-service, telephone hours or "regular" opening hours. For lack of better tagging :( opening_hours=*, opening_hours_1=*, opening_hours_2=* followed by notes/descriptions note:opening_hours=*, note:opening_hours_1=*, note:opening_hours_2=* on what they are. You got an idea? Feedback please :) Please remind me to bring it up at on OFTC or a mailing list of your choice.

Arbetsförmedlingen Täby har olika öppettider beroende på vad det gäller. Olika öppettider vad gäller Självservice, Telefontider och "vanliga" Öppettider. Öppen för förslag för en lösning.

Multiple conflicting opening hours for a specific node

Talk:Semi-colon_value_separator and more unsolved problems. My employment agency has different opening hours for the computers, different opening hours for meeting with a representative of the employment agency and still separate opening hours when you place a call to the employment agency. How will you tag that? Will you do that array thing? Still whatever you do use the standard tag for something opening_hours but also use note:opening_hours or description:opening_hours for describing what that tag means in the specific case since you have multiple opening hours tags as data.

My way of working with JOSM

I would like to share some stuff I use with JOSM lately: If you got JOSM in a fresh installation try:

  • Preferences-> Map Settings-> Map Paint Styles and add
    • Surface
    • new parking features
    • Modified objects
    • Lit Objects.

There are more to choose from. This all makes the data stand out more in a visual way.

A personal favourite of mine is to activate Lit Objects and Surface in combination along with JOSM Internal Style making it an enjoyable dark style.

For how this page was before just check: