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Agentur für Arbeit, jobcenter im Landkreis Celle, Logos und Embleme am Gebäude Georg-Wilhelm-Straße 14 in 29223 Celle.jpg
An office for an employment service. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: offices
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An office for a service which matches jobs with people. People looking for a job attend the office and people needing labour contract the agent to provide workers.

Similar tags and proposals

  • Proposed features/Jobcentre (plus) - Abandoned proposal for amenity=jobcentre. In the UK there's government run things called a "job centre", which also manage job seekers allowance benefits payments. They're branded "jobcentre" or "jobcentre (plus)".

TODO: Discuss. Either we should make a distinction with a different top-level tag for government run offices, or we should treat this office=employment_agency tag as all encompassing, and propose to make the distinction with an additional combo tag.

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