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Fog signals

The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts. This page defines tags for the attributes of fog signals.

Type S100 code seamark:type Definition Rendering
Fog signal FOGSIG fog_signal A warning signal transmitted by a vessel, or aid to navigation, during periods of low visibility. Also, the device producing such a signal. FogSignal.png

This page defines values for the "seamark:fog_signal:category" tags and other attributes applied to fog signals.


Category (CATFOG) seamark:fog_signal:category Definition
Explosive explosive A signal produced by the firing of explosive charges.
Diaphone diaphone A diaphone uses compressed air and generally emits a powerful low-pitched sound, which often concludes with a brief sound of suddenly lowered pitch, termed the 'grunt'.
Siren siren A siren uses compressed air and exists in a variety of types which differ considerably in their sound and power.
Nautophone nautophone A horn having a diaphragm oscillated by electricity
Reed reed A reed uses compressed air and emits a weak, high pitched sound.
Tyfon tyfon A diaphragm horn which operates under the influence of compressed air or steam
Bell bell A ringing sound with a short range.
Whistle whistle A distinctive sound made by a jet of air passing through an orifice.
Gong gong A sound produced by vibration of a disc when struck.
Horn horn A horn uses compressed air or electricity to vibrate a diaphragm and exists in a variety of types which differ greatly in their sound and power. The classification 'horn' is the generic term for fog signals `nautophone`, `reed` and `tyfon`.

Signal Generation

Signal generation (SIGGEN) seamark:fog_signal:generation Definition
Automatically automatic Signal generation is initiated by a self regulating mechanism such as a timer or light sensor.
By wave action wave The signal is generated by the motion of the sea surface such as a bell in a buoy.
By hand hand The signal is generated by a manually operated mechanism such as a hand cranked siren.
By wind wind The signal is generated by the motion of air such as a wind driven whistle.

Other Attributes

Attribute seamark:light:<attribute> Value type Definition
Value of maximum range (VALMXR) range Decimal The maximum range at which the signal can be heard in nautical miles.
Signal frequency (SIGFRQ) frequency Integer The frequency of the sound signal, in Hertz.
Signal group (SIGGRP) group Text The number of consecutive sounds, or the morse character(s) within one period of full sequence.
Signal period (SIGPER) period Decimal Time of the time occupied by an entire cycle of intervals of sound and silence.
Signal sequence (SIGSEQ) sequence Text The sequence of times occupied by intervals of sound and silence.


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